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On the beach, we women are at our most exposed and therefore most vulnerable. As any woman deserves to look and feel good, especially when she's away on holiday, she needs swimwear that pays proper attention to comfort and function. And there should also be some thought put into value.
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Orange County, Los Angeles, California: One of the loveliest places with some of the most-beautiful bodies and faces on the planet! Beauty comes in different forms.

Every woman, whether a mommy or not, wants to look her best and deserves to do something special just for herself. When she improves her appearance and shape to look her best, she also feels a hundred times better about herself, her life, and her future. The confidence gained from looking better and younger may carry over into the bedroom, where studies have proven that confidence plays an important role in comfort, sexiness, feeling desirable, an increased frequency of sexual relations and feelings of closeness with a partner, and overall happiness.

It also can become a winning factor in the workplace, improving one’s chances of longevity with certain occupations in today's competitive job market. Studies also have proven that confidence can banish depression and enhance personal interactions in many types of circumstances. Clearly, such gains would be worthwhile in all facets and relationships of a woman’s life, and she is definitely worth it!



The Seen Scene

Do you feel uncomfortable with a particular physical trait, such as your breasts or abdomen? In the upper half, breasts undergo changes over the years, especially due to the constant pull of gravity, to insufficiently supportive, improperly fitting, or lacking support garments, and, for some, to pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the lower half, sometimes even small women have a pot-belly despite years of exercise to that area, and the strength of abdominal muscles may lessen while aging or after childbirth; the belly protrudes through clothing, sometimes requiring women to buy a larger size for a proper fit in the waist and the abdomen. This may be the case even if you aren’t a mommy, and you may want to look better and feel more comfortable by eliminating or reducing the problem.

Mothers from all walks of life have beautiful stories to tell about how they brought children into the world. However, most women who come into my office prefer to verbalize that story, not to have their bodies tell it for them. Plastic surgeons in Orange County (preferably board-certified) feel privileged to work with such an extraordinary group of women who are bold enough to take the step to recover their confidence. Although pregnancy is an amazing process, the fact that mothers tend not to feel so amazing about their appearance afterward is why the Mommy Makeover has become a popular request in my Orange County Plastic Surgery office.

If you are a mommy, do you want to get back to the size, shape, and firmness that certain parts of your body had before being affected by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding? For example, the inflation and deflation of breasts relating to the milk supply and the pull of breastfeeding can take quite a toll on breast size, shape, and position on the chest wall, as well as on the nipples and their direction. In cases of excessively stretched skin or deflated breasts, surgical intervention is the only method that will bring lasting results. A Mommy Makeover may be just what you need to have the edge for the beach and your daily lifestyle.

The Unseen

Feeling prettier, more desirable, or more comfortable can involve intimate private parts, too. In some women, labia minora hypertrophy can cause discomfort or problems with hygiene, can keep some women from wearing shape-revealing clothing such as leggings and other tight-fitting pants, or can simply alter personal image. No woman should have to spend a lifetime in physical and mental anguish when help is readily available.


Whether or not you’re a mommy, your goal may entail body contouring with techniques that:

  • Remove unwanted fat or loose skin via liposuction or abdominoplasty, respectively achieve breast reshaping with mastopexy to lift ptotic/droopy breasts (breast lift), or breast augmentation.
  • Provide buttock augmentation with implants and/or autologous fat grafting (“Brazilian butt lift”).
  • Correct labia minora hypertrophy or another defect or malfunction, via Orange County labiaplasty, whether or not the problem is a structural issue or one of personal comfort. If you wish to learn more about labiaplasty and Dr. Kelishadi's expertise in this area, please follow through this link to helpful articles.

No concern, whether seen or unseen, should be ignored--your quality of life is too important. There's nothing wrong with getting high-quality help from your board-certified Orange County cosmetic surgeon to become more confident, even when a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise hasn't been enough to reach your goals for a desired body shape and firmness.  

Custom-Tailored through Effective Teamwork

At SSK we have many tools in our arsenal to help you look and feel your best, whether you choose one procedure or a combination in a Mommy Makeover. Please give our attentive staff an opportunity to hear your concerns and discuss your options with you. We will advise regarding the most-effective strategy and techniques for your body shape and condition, but we will not recommend what you don’t need. Of course, our knowledge and skill are of utmost importance--supplemented by our equally important and unparalleled listening skills, understanding and compassion, care and respect for you. We will handle your situation privately and confidentially, answering your questions and your partner’s to your satisfaction. Together with you, we'll fully address the custom-tailored cosmetic surgery procedure(s) you select and all other necessary issues for your maximized comfort and safety. My extensive training as a surgeon at the finest institutions will do much to help in attaining the optimum outcome for you. Together, through the most-reputable Mommy Makeover Orange County has to offer, we’ll do our best to achieve the goals that you envision to skyrocket your confidence.

We’ll also communicate clearly with you to clarify your post-surgical needs, including home care and your expected recovery time. Patience is the key; you shouldn't expect to bounce right back after undergoing such a combination of procedures. Not all patients will have the same Mommy Makeover or an identical healing process. However, the tummy tuck tends to be the primary factor in determining that normal activities often can be resumed within 4 weeks, which will be assessed and recommended by your surgeon. Afterward, when permitted, a careful regimen of diet and exercise can do much to protect your worthwhile investment in yourself.

Are you looking for a genuinely compassionate, skilled, and board-certified Orange County Plastic Surgeon for your Mommy Makeover? If so, you will be served best by making an appointment to discuss your situation. Please feel free to contact my office today. I would be happy to address your concerns and schedule a consultation with you very soon.

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