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Change is constant. Our hormone and collagen levels fluctuate and slowly decline. Meanwhile, our job, family, and social responsibilities often increase our cortisol and stress levels, which in turn can cause gains in fat and weight while reducing our energy and time for ourselves. Even if we can lose significant amounts of weight, we need to shrink stretched-out muscles and skin.

The Problem

Lost firmness in muscles and skin can result from a lack of sufficient exercise, changes caused by aging, weight loss, chronic illness, and depression. Stress and lax muscles show in skin that is less firm, less smooth, and less attractive. Clothing on affected areas may not fit well. Have you avoided being seen in skirts, shorts, or swimsuits that show fat pooled around your knees, thighs, and upward on your abdomen, arms, breasts, and neck? Have you tried to hide a loose jawline behind turtlenecks, and an infirm lower half beneath pants and long dresses? Frustrated, you don’t want a major invasive surgical procedure or an insufficient non-invasive option; you need a less-invasive solution from your Orange County Plastic Surgeon to help you.

Our Solution

 ThermiTight Subdermal Tissue Remodeling in Orange County

SSK is excited to offer ThermiTight®, a quick, easy, and micro-invasive option to rejuvenate muscle and skin from the neck, breast, and arms to the abdomen, thighs, and knees. Using a tiny temperature-sensitive probe and our gentle technique, we apply a preset temperature and amount of thermal heat/energy beneath the surface of the skin to targeted areas of tissue. While building collagen, our technique tightens muscle and skin to help you look younger and feel confident. We carefully monitor your skin temperature for safety and effectiveness via an infrared camera. Under local anesthesia, you’ll talk with us much of the time. As soon as we finish, I’ll place a gentle wrap around the treated area for your comfort. If we just treated your neck, you will need to wear a Velcro compression neck garment/strap for the next 24 hours and then for a week at night to protect your investment. Some patients feel tightening and see results quickly.

You’ll probably go back to your normal activities the next day. Being treated on Thursday or Friday means returning to your job on Monday?maybe looking tighter and younger already. All patients should continue to see results over the next few months, thankful for ThermiTight®.

Micro-Invasive  *  Only 1 Treatment  *  Quick  *  Easy  *  Safe  *  Gentle  *  Effective
Zero or No Discomfort or Bruising  *  Little to No Downtime  *  Quick Results  *  Worthwhile!

ThermiTight® can easily be incorporated into your day. For a consultation and answers to your questions, call us at 949-515-7874. You can look younger and feel better before you know it!

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