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What is a Breast Augmentation using DURASORB MESH?

Traditionally, at the end of breast augmentation, the surgeon will use surgical mesh in order to help the breasts retain their proper shape throughout the healing process. However, these meshes remain in the body for undefined amounts of time and, in some cases, are linked to health conditions later in life. DuraSorb is a state-of-the-art mesh made from a bioabsorbable material that is able to provide support before slowly dissolving away, eliminating the chance of health problems caused by leftover mesh. At SSK Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sean Kelishadi utilizes DuraSorb internal mesh during breast augmentation procedures in order to enhance the overall health of his patients in Newport Beach, CA.

How Does an internal bra using DuraSorb Work?

Just like many other surgical meshes, DuraSorb is used as a kind of scaffolding system or internal bra. In this way, it is able to safely support the breast implants and tissues while they heal and scar tissue begins to form. This structure prevents the occurrence of numerous problems, including capsular contracture, bottoming out, implant displacement, sagging breasts, and more. Once the healing process is complete, the body no longer has any need for the mesh.

This is where DuraSorb differentiates itself from any other type of internal mesh bra. The material will slowly begin to dissolve until no trace of it is left in the body. In fact, within just three months, the majority of the DuraSorb mesh will be gone. After a year, the entirety of the mesh will have dissolved away, leaving only a healthy and beautiful structure behind. This not only prevents complications later in life but can also provide better support for the soft tissues within the breast, decrease the amount of scarring, improve breast symmetry, and offer more natural results.

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Safe, Stunning Results

DuraSorb allows Dr. Kelishadi and his staff to offer our patients an even more safe and effective breast augmentation process than ever before. By dissolving into your body, this internal mesh is able to provide structure to your breasts when you need it and disappear without a trace when you don't. Contact SSK Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation in Newport Beach, CA.

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