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Jim Rohn

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Throughout life our bodies are aging and enduring the toll of gravity, internal and external forces. Links between aging and strong hormonal influences affect us through many changes, including fluctuating and redistributed weight. Excessive stress encourages the body to produce extra cortisol, which can produce extra fat. Most of these changes, along with experiences normal and unique, happen to women and men alike. Even people who eat nutritiously and exercise daily can have pockets of fat and lax muscle that won’t respond.

The Problems

Life’s changes and difficulties give some people significant amounts of fat and weight or the need to deal with particular body parts via chosen methods.

  • Others have pockets of diet- and exercise-resistant fat that they’d like to remove.
    • Some manage to lose the fat and weight, but are left with loose, sagging skin.
  • With or without excess fat and sagging skin, others have muscles to be tightened.
  • Other patients seek to augment a body part that seems deficient or deflated.


Our Solutions

A frequently sought non-surgical adjunct is the injection of Botox Cosmetic® or Dysport® neurotoxins and dermal fillers to reduce or eliminate facial lines, wrinkles, and folds. Neurotoxins help to eliminate wrinkles and lines that are formed when making facial expressions; fillers help to alleviate “static” lines that are there even when your face is relaxed. In some patients, a combination of the two gives the right balance.

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