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What is Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that causes men to be unable to achieve or maintain an erection. Though most men find it embarrassing to discuss, bringing this issue to your doctor's attention is the first step towards finding a solution. Erectile dysfunction is incredibly common in men, especially as they get older. Visit SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA today to learn how Dr. Sean Kelishadi and his staff can utilize Precision ED treatment in order to help patients restore their confidence in the bedroom.

Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Though erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors, the symptoms are always the same. Whether due to stress, depression, or disease, ED can have a significant impact on your relationship with your partner. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it is likely time to schedule an appointment to ask about ED treatment:

  • Inability to maintain or achieve an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation

Dr. Kelishadi is amazing!!! He made me feel so comfortable! I had Breast Augmentation  May 26th. I'm three months out and loving my results! I was very self conscious  about my chest. My breasts shrunk due to breast feeding. I didn't even want to change in front of my husband.  (he loved them no matter what lol) and now I am feeling so great about it! He said he's even noticed a boost in my confidence level. I love it! i feel good..i feel sexy. I never thought I  would actually go through with getting this done, but Dr. Kelishadi and his staff helped me with every step of the way. He was very caring and checked up on me after surgery. His staff was very nice as well. All so helpful! I highly recommend him!

J.V. Yelp

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have met the SSK team.  I initially started with the med spa team at SSK and knew that I needed to do a breast augmentation consultation there as well.  From beginning to end, every single doctor/nurse and even Valerie at the front desk, involved in my procedures reached out giving clear instructions and also daily check-ins after my breast aug surgery.   Their patient care is beyond incredible.  The team gives you all of the instructions pre and post op, and they even go as far as giving you a sweet post op bag including the cutest, softest, coziest jump suit to wear into and out of the hospital on surgery day.  I am so so pleased with the team’s attention to detail, but more importantly, they are an exceptional care team you want and need!  Thank you SSK!  -Steph

S.D. Yelp

I recently had a breast revision/augmentation with a lift by Dr Kelishadi and I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon! He is known as the King of Cleavage and definitely lives up to the name. His staff is friendly, professional, and prompt to answer calls and respond to emails. It was also super nice and convenient having Dr Sherry as part of the team helping with all the medications ordered. On my pre op visit, I was given a bag with all the medications I would need for my surgery and recovery. Dr Sherry would text and make sure I didn’t have any questions which was so appreciated. After my surgery, Dr Kelishadi would call and check in to make sure I was doing well. If I had a questions or concerns, Dr Kelishadi would promptly call and answer all the questions I had. He is genuinely a great person and an amazing Surgeon that I would highly recommend.

R.N. Yelp

I recently underwent a transformative experience at SSK Plastic Surgery, having a tummy tuck, muscle repair, and liposuction in the flanks and back. Being a mom to a 10 month old, I was pretty anxious about this procedure but right from my initial consultation, I was confident that I was in the hands of professionals who truly care. Now, just 3 days post-op, I caught a glimpse of my results and I’m beyond thrilled! Dr. Kalishadi’s skillful work has exceeded my expectations.On the day of the surgery, the entire team’s kindness helped alleviate any pre-surgery jitters. Dr. Kalishadi went above and beyond by personally reaching out to check on my recovery. Overall, my experience has been nothing short of amazing, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place for my procedure. I wholeheartedly recommend SSK Plastic Surgery to anyone seeking outstanding results and genuine care. Also shout out to Dr. Sherry, Valerie and Brianna who were also lovely! Thank you all so much!

L.G. Yelp

I recently underwent a breast revision procedure at SSK Plastic Surgery, and I must say that my experience far exceeded my expectations.  From start to finish, the entire journey was seamless, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.  Here’s why I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kelishadi for anyone considering breast revision: Dr. Kelishadi is an exceptional plastic surgeon.  From the initial consultation to the post-surgery follow-ups, Dr. Kelishadi displayed remarkable expertise and a genuine care for my well-being.  He took the time to listen to and provided me with detailed explanations of the procedure.  The entire team at SSK Plastic Surgery was welcoming, friendly and professional.  They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and their knowledge and expertise to my needs were remarkable.  One aspect that truly impressed me was the personalized approach they took throughout the entire journey.  I even worked with Dr. Sherrie for my hormones prior to surgery and needless to say I feel much better now.  I felt that she too was invested in my overall health.  Lastly, when it came to deciding the appropriate size for my revision, I had to place my trust in Dr. Kelishadi’s expertise and technique.  I discussed my desired goals with him, and he carefully assessed my body proportions, existing breast tissue and overall aesthetic balance.  Although I had initial apprehension about relinquishing control over to the size decision, I am thrilled to say that I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  The size chosen by Dr. Kelishadi was absolutely perfect!  I would highly recommend SSK Plastic Surgery!

D.V. Yelp


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What Are the Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction treatment has proven to be an incredible way to help men regain their ability to achieve and/or maintain an erection. In addition, it can increase sexual desire, as well as confidence. Shockwave therapy is able to achieve all of these desired benefits without the need for any kind of invasive or lengthy procedure that requires any amount of downtime. Patients' appointments will last a matter of minutes before they will be free to go about their normal day.

How is Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Performed?

Penile shockwave therapy utilizing Precision ED is an effective procedure that takes roughly 15 minutes to perform. The state-of-the-art headpiece will be maneuvered over the treatment region to encourage the flow of blood by producing new blood vessels. This treatment does not bring about discomfort or involve surgical techniques, which makes it a great alternative for patients seeking a fast, effective form of treatment.

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What Can I Expect from Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Since Precision ED does not require invasive techniques, medications, or anesthesia, men can resume their daily activities following their procedure. No recovery period is required, making this penile treatment effective for individuals having troubles with ED. The effects reaped from Precision ED are long-lasting. Most individuals note that their results last for up to one year. Patients will be asked to return for a total of at least six sessions over the course of three weeks.

Put an end to ERecetile Dysfunction

Precision ED allows patients to quickly and painlessly regain sexual function and desire. However, these effects can never be felt without first discussing your problems with a doctor. Contact SSK Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kelishadi in Newport Beach, CA.

What is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction?

The penis is an incredibly complex organ that requires the brain, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and hormones to work seamlessly. Four principal factors can lead to erectile dysfunction. These include psychological and health conditions, medications, trauma, and lifestyle considerations.

At what age do most men experience erectile dysfunction?

The largest percentage of men begin to notice the effects of erectile dysfunction somewhere between the ages of 60 – 69. However, there is also a substantial number of men that experience ED in their 50s.

What issues can be caused by erectile dysfunction?

While erectile dysfunction itself will not lead to any medical issues, it can lead to a number of personal complications, including:

  • Reduced sexual pleasure for yourself and your partner
  • Anxiety about your sexual performance
  • Relationship problems stemming from an insufficient sex life
  • Difficulty getting your partner pregnant
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