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Life is a journey that leads us to deal with countless circumstances, from the difficult to the rewarding. How we take care of ourselves along that road can help or hinder. Whether patients are out of shape, succeeding in improving their bodies, or always diligent in self-care, they can encounter roadblocks that cause them to desire the help of a highly-trained plastic and cosmetic surgeon to achieve their goals. At SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, we understand that getting help and maintaining the results goes a long way in attaining or restoring an improved physique and in boosting self-esteem. That's why, board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Kelishadi, has dedicated his career to helping people just like you. Call our office today to learn more about how liposuction can help you achieve the shape you desire. 

The Problem

Over decades, especially through middle age and hormonal shifts, weight tends to fluctuate and redistribute, in some cases moderately or severely altering one’s shape and self-perception.

  • Some people haven’t lost weight, but do have persistent excess fat to remove in order to improve their aesthetic contours.
  • Others may have maximized the gains of diet and exercise and have remaining only pockets of diet- and exercise-resistant fat that they seek to shed.

These problems can be paramount during different stages of one’s life due to lifestyle changes and/or biologic ones such as hormonal effects of pregnancy, menopause (female), or andropause (male menopause).

Procedure Techniques

Liposuction is reputed to be a minimally invasive, safe, and effective method to remove unwanted, persistent fat. As your Orange County plastic surgeon, Dr. Kelishadi will insert a thin tube (cannula) through very-small incisions (usually no more than 5 mm long) to gradually take the fat, suture each tiny incision (usually with a single stitch), and apply dressings.

  • Common areas for treatment are the mid-section (waist and abdomen), the jawline and neck, the back and “bra-fat” areas (under the bra-strap region), the arms, and also the hips and thighs.
  • We take pride in not just removing unwanted fat, but in also achieving a noticeable level of sculpting and contouring.
  • Although incisions are tiny and hardly noticeable, whenever possible they are “hidden” in natural ‘seams’ and areas covered by clothing, including the pubis area. A slimmer, more-toned look can begin to emerge during the short recovery period.
  • If desired, the removed fat can be inserted in a deficient area to add volume. Two good examples are cheeks: facial cheeks that are showing effects of aging (facial rejuvenation), and buttock cheeks that need more shape or projection (Brazilian butt lift).


A recently developing trend is “Bridalplasty,” in which brides-to-be replace the post-wedding honeymoon with a pre-wedding set of body-improvement procedures such as liposuction, a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation and/or breast lift. Other great options are liposuction to reduce a fatty neck, thighs, hips, and buttocks. Ideally, such women should undergo these procedures up to a year in advance because they need months to heal fully and dramatically reduce visible scars before the wedding; it also helps for serial dress fittings.If you choose a tummy tuck with liposuction in Orange County, a breast lift or breast augmentation (“boob job”), and maybe even an arm lift or facial rejuvenation, you’ll see that the combined results will complement one another in an impressively proportionate look of cosmetic enhancement. Confidence can be your outcome. 

What To Expect

Liposuction in Orange County is often an outpatient procedure. When your driver takes you home, you will be wearing compression garments and you should continue to wear them for a few weeks to encourage optimal healing. Further information follows:

  • Walking is permitted and healthful while you recover, especially during the first week when you will need to avoid strenuous activities.
  • Your recovery time and your amount of bruising and swelling will depend on numerous factors. Those factors include the number of treatment sites and whether you have just undergone a concurrent procedure, such as an arm lift, a tummy tuck, a neck lift, or a breast augmentation.
  • You may be able to return to work in about a week, or even less, depending on the extent of your procedure(s) and the physical demands of your job.
  • Your deep sutures will dissolve over 2-6 months to support your incisions during the most critical stages of wound healing and collagen remodeling; any external sutures you see will be removed within two weeks. For the next several months, the connective tissue in your skin will keep contracting (using the beneficial effects of scars contracting over time) and adjusting to the removal of fat that has taken place.
  • Final results should show your trimmer contours in 1-6 months and can be long-lasting through a consistent program of a healthful diet and appropriate exercise.
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Patient Recovery

Your body, goals, and choice of treatments are unique and important to your self-esteem and your confidence. You are considering or scheduling a liposuction procedure with SSK either alone or to accompany one or more other procedures, such as a breast reduction, an arm lift, or a Mommy Makeover. Reminder: Liposuction is not a weight-loss solution, but it is a safe and effective way to remove fat and cellulite. Confident in doing our best and in achieving excellent results from many years of practice, my staff and I are honored to serve your cosmetic surgery needs with the finest attention, technique, and follow-up care. Please read and later refer to the following information. 

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Don’t let the cost of liposuction concern you; in our Orange County plastic surgery office, we offer truly reasonable rates for high-level results. Whatever your reasons for seeking our expertise, we will give you our undivided attention to tailor a treatment to your specific needs. By allowing us to listen and get to know you, we can easily establish a successful partnership. If you don’t find your answers, please call us at (949) 515-SURG or visit us through our Contact page.

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