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what is individualized skin care?

We’re born with plenty of elastin and collagen, which show in the thick, soft skin of babies. A face that is clear, smooth, and shiny through great skin care reflects light and is much more appealing than a face that is wrinkled and dull. Great care for the face, hands, and neck can go a long way in improving your skin. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi and his skin care professionals at SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA can help significantly improve the condition of your skin.

What are common skin problems?

From birth to death, skin undergoes many changes and can show various problems and results. Elastin and collagen degrade over time. That process causes a loss of elasticity, support, and volume; this in turn leads to sagging, thinning, and wrinkling, especially in the face, the neck, and the hands. Also along the way, skin blemishes, discolorations, and other changes in texture and tone should be corrected. Nonsurgical or laser options may be preferred.

Dr. Kelishadi is absolutely amazing! I went in for micro needling and I'm not even kidding... it was completely painless. And not the kind of "painless" that waxing and laser hair removal ads say where it actually hurts like crazy... It was actually PAINLESS. His attention to detail was great, and I was able to take headshots 6 days later with no redness whatsoever. I've been getting tons of comments that I look visibly several years younger. I have the best skin right now that I've ever had. I couldn't recommend him enough!

K.S. Yelp

Dr. Sean Kelishadi is genuinely, personable, respectful, honest, talented, generous, warm, attentive, hard working, thoughtful and the most caring doctor I know. He personally answers all questions honestly and attentively. I felt he was only interested in me AND my family’s best interest. That to me is so refreshing! I always feel welcomed and treated with kindness no matter what. I love the educational (very professional) stories he shares on social media because I learn so much and I feel in the know of the latest in skin care, he’ll even share his own experience and results! That is my favorite because it speaks how much faith he personally has in what he promotes.

P.B. Google

Greatest experience ever!!! I was recommended to Dr. K by 2 other friends. I had already tried going to a consultation with a different surgeon, however when I met Lindsey and Dr. K I fell in love with the office! The hospital we had the surgery at had an amazing team, my anesthesiologist, the nurses, and Dr. K were phenomenal. I had a breast augmentation and the entire process from my consultation to the procedure, to the healing process went so smooth and amazing. -when I came back for a 2 month check up, I had some acne and Dr. K recommended a body scrub from an amazing acne product. It worked so well, my skin Is back to normal. I will always go to Dr. K for any procedures!

B.F. Yelp

Any of my negative pre-conceived notions about plastic surgeons dissipated the moment I met Dr. Kelishadi.  I wasn't looking for surgery but rather alternatives that I could perform to ensure I was doing the best for my body to keep it at a place I was confident in without going under the knife.  Dr. K isn't one of those doctors who tries to sell you on surgery immediately; quite the contrary, he examined me thoroughly and gave a candid assessment that he didn't think I needed surgery anyway!  This proved to me that Dr. Kelishadi truly cares about each individual's needs, and has "helping people" as his compass and not just dollar signs.  I have been receiving a thermal treatment with him for a handful of months and have been so happy with the respectful treatment I have received that it is a joy to go back.  Orange County is a commute from LA, but the treatment and level of professionalism made it well worth it in my book.And did I mention he's funny?  Dr. Kelishadi has a sense of humor that humanizes the process and makes you feel comfortable and at ease, almost like visiting a friend.  His talents speak for themselves, and his ability to relate and comfort nerves make him stand heads above the rest.  I highly recommend consulting Dr. Kelishadi - I'm happy I did!

K.K. Yelp

I have found my home for cosmetic work and more! I’ve had several cosmetic procedures here, including the greatest filler work I’ve ever had from Krystal. She rolled back the years on my face while keeping me looking like, well, me! I just finished my third round of Vivace micro needling and I now know that not all micro needling is created equal. The results have been simply astounding and this is one treatment I will be keeping in my routine. It did so much to eliminate lines and wrinkles, reduced areas of melasma, and even faded scars where I had experienced hypopigmentation and had white spots! It far exceeded my expectations. The most unexpected decision I made was to work with Krystal and Sherry on getting a hormonal panel done and getting the Biote hormone pellets. I didn’t know that I could feel this good! I’m sleeping better, my hot flashes and night sweats have gone away, my drive to get things done (along with the energy to do it) has come back, I’ve lost five pounds without trying, and my workouts are amazing again. I feel like I did in my early 20s. I can’t recommend this team enough. They have brought so much vitality and value back into my life, not to mention keeping me aesthetically in tip-top shape.

M.S. Yelp


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how does individualized skin care work?

  1. Skin Care Analysis: Your skin care begins during our consultation with a personal and full analysis of your skin and its problems. From there we will pinpoint which of our procedures and/or products will furnish the most-effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions for you.
  2. Nonsurgical Individualized Skin Care Treatments: Beyond surgical treatment, laser resurfacing, and fillers, which are addressed on other pages, we have other options. Depending on your skin condition and/or expectations with treatment, we can also use chemical peels, facials, microdermabrasion, or top-of-the-line custom-tailored skin products to treat and improve the impression of:
  • stretch marks, under-eye circles, acne or surgical scars, enlarged pores and facial lines
  • sun-damaged, excessively oily, or unevenly-textured skin; lax skin of the face and neck
  • various types of skin blemishes, such as age spots (or sun spots), red/yellowish/white  spots or bumps (milia), freckles, melasma, rosacea, and small facial veins
  • Certain creams can lighten dark pigmentations and discolorations to restore skin tone and clarity while also making skin look younger and brighter.
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personalize your skin care regimen

Our gentle but highly effective products are safe and tested extensively to minimize your chances of acquiring rashes, allergic reactions, or other untoward reactions. An equally soothing fragrance is a bonus. In addition, we have access to compounding pharmacies that are certified by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) to custom-tailor creams, sunblocks, and other regimens for our patients. Obtaining a personalized solution of prescribed medical-grade products for your skin from the start can save a lot of time and money wasted on less-efficient products. Now you can protect your skin and minimize aging every day, even at the beach! Call our Newport Beach practice at (949) 515-SURG for help or contact us for more information.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.