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what is Breast Reduction?

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi is pleased to offer breast reduction surgery in Newport Beach, CA at SSK Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kelishadi can take the correct steps to help in rendering a better quality of life for you. The functional problems of overly large breasts mean that breast reduction surgery in the Orange County area may qualify for health insurance coverage. Our staff will check on this for you. You and Dr. Kelishadi will agree on a custom-tailored procedure that usually corrects the size of overly large breasts, size of stretched-out areolas (the pigmented portion of the breast around the nipple), and repositions the nipples from pointing in a downward position to one where they are more elevated and forward.

What Are The Benefits Of Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery in Newport Beach, CA at SSK Plastic Surgery offers both aesthetic and functional benefits, including:

  • Lifting droopy, saggy breasts
  • Reshaping and contouring the breasts
  • Resizing the nipples
  • Balancing body proportions
  • Improving mobility
  • Reducing neck and back pain
  • Increasing comfort
  • Promoting better posture
  • Expanding wardrobe options
  • Boosting self-image and confidence

Dr. KELISHADI and his staff are amazing. My wife had a lift and breast augmentation. From the initial consultation we knew we had found the right plastic surgeon. He explained everything in detail and went over the entire process with us. His attention to detail is impeccable. After the surgery he and his staff called several times to check on my wife and make sure she was healing correctly. We could not be happier with our choice of Dr. KELISHADI. We highly recommend him and his staff.

J.M. Yelp

I am 2 weeks post-op from a breast augmentation with Dr. Kelishadi.I could not have chosen a better doctor. Dr Kelishadi is not only an extremely skilled surgeon, but also a very kind person who truly cares about his patients - I mean this wholeheartedly - I had some concerns because of a health condition I have and Dr. K empathized and gave me complete confidence in that the surgery will go well despite this, and took extra care because of my condition. The surgery center was immaculate, the nurses and anesthesiologists were experienced, kind, and made me feel very comfortable. I was contacted by the team post-op to ask how recovery was going and even given a direct line for Dr Kelishadi if something were to come up.Recovery was much easier than expected with the Dr’s methods. I am still healing but I already find my result perfect... I cannot recommend SSK enough!

A.A. Yelp

I had the best experience here!! I have  wanted a breast augmentation for over 10 years and during that time I went to consultations but those doctors never made me feel confident enough to go ahead with them, or they did not understand what I was looking for. Once I found Dr. Kelishadi and I knew right away this was where I wanted to get my augmentation. Dr. Kelishadi understood exactly what I wanted, showed me before and afters, and also eased my mind so I felt confident about finally doing this. It’s only been a month out since surgery and I am already so obsessed with them. They look so natural and exactly what I wanted. Can’t wait for the 3 month mark!!

A.S. Yelp

Oh , where do I begin? I’ll try to make this short and sweet ... prior to moving from the East Coast to Orange County , I was on a search for the BEST board  certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast revisions and anything breast related , and with much research  (because that’s what I do)  Do your research ladies , don’t settle because someone is "cheap" or you found a Groupon  for the love of God , avoid that!! This is your body , why the heck would you settle ? When I found Dr. Kelashadi , I inquired immediately! I loved his presence on social media , the reviews, and especially his work ! I set up an appointment via Zoom to get more information and truly just to meet him . I’m an excellent judge of character and found him and his staff absolutely amazing . He is caring, kind, smart, driven, professional and a perfectionist . He listened to my concerns, and made me feel safe . Later that month , I went in for my consultation in person . I was greeted by the most amazing staff! Kind, happy, and comforting. I filled out all of my health questionnaires , got into my robe and then my first set of pics were taken . Not once did I feel uncomfortable, not once . Then Dr. Kelashadi came in to assess me and we made the decision together based off of my desired outcome . He took into consideration my shape (I’m small and have an athletic build ) He knew not to just stuff my breasts like most surgeons do.On the day of the surgery, I wasn’t nervous at all, if anything I was excited like a kid on Christmas morning! Everyone in the surgery center was beyond amazing . Dr. Kelashadi marked me and discussed with me one more time to assure me that we’re on the same page and my goodness , that made me feel even safer! He wound up doing a full reconstruction (which we discussed may happen at the first visit) since I had my previous breast implants in for 10 years and my implants were incapsulated .  I woke up from my surgery and was so happy  as expected . He understood the assignment !! Healing ‍ took a little over a week and I was super compliant (that’s important ladies) Each follow up after was a joy as well ! He is a perfectionist and I HIGHLY recommend him , don’t look any further , I already did the work for you! His amazing wife , Dr. Sherry is pretty incredible as well and helps women with their hormone balance and overall well being! Mind, body, and soul  I later decided to check out their med spa and had an incredible experience with Elania , she too answered all of my questions and was very gentle . Thank you for all you do ! Oh and let me not forget to mention , he is also the king of waistlines and labioplasties, and more ! I’ll be seeing you again soon ! Thank you again ! Love you ALL

V.B. Yelp

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have met the SSK team.  I initially started with the med spa team at SSK and knew that I needed to do a breast augmentation consultation there as well.  From beginning to end, every single doctor/nurse and even Valerie at the front desk, involved in my procedures reached out giving clear instructions and also daily check-ins after my breast aug surgery.   Their patient care is beyond incredible.  The team gives you all of the instructions pre and post op, and they even go as far as giving you a sweet post op bag including the cutest, softest, coziest jump suit to wear into and out of the hospital on surgery day.  I am so so pleased with the team’s attention to detail, but more importantly, they are an exceptional care team you want and need!  Thank you SSK!  -Steph

S.D. Yelp


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am i a Candidate for breast reduction?

Few people know the discomforts experienced by women who have overly large, symptomatic breasts (macromastia). Symptoms and adverse effects often include the following:

  • Physical: The excess weight causes grooving where bra straps attempt to cut into the shoulders, a sign of the potential strain on the neck and/or back; irritating rashes within the bra line where hygiene is more difficult to manage due to overhanging breasts; incorrect posture; musculoskeletal problems; restriction of mobility and ability to exercise (leads to weight gain and greater risk for cardiac, diabetic, and other diseases).
  • Emotional: Embarrassment; self-consciousness; lower self-esteem; depression from decreased participation in favorite activities and subsequent decline of quality of life.

how is Breast Reduction performed?

To achieve your goal, Dr. Kelishadi can strategically reduce breast size and weight by removing excess skin, fat, and glandular tissues; liposuction may also be needed to improve the final contour of the breast and its relation to the chest wall and axilla. For many, this procedure provides a significant improvement in the functional problems mentioned above; as a bonus, your breasts will also have improved shape and a more youthful, elevated position. Using the techniques you and Dr. Kelishadi agree on, he will do his utmost to minimize and camouflage scarring. If you have symptomatic macromastia, the potential benefits of breast reduction surgery in Orange County are:

  • Attractively lifted and shaped breasts
  • Significantly enhanced mobility and thus ability to exercise with subsequent potential improvements in overall health
  • The potentially improved posture from unloading excessive breast weight
  • Having breasts that are “more proportional” to your body and enhancing your self-image, which should dramatically improve your confidence and quality of life
  • Elimination or reduction of pain and other symptoms due to macromastia (pain should fade from related causes or could be from unrelated causes, such as arthritis)

As your Orange County Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kelishadi can perform your breast reduction surgery in Newport Beach with a breast lift as part of a bikini makeover with body contouring to achieve a complete and balanced appearance of aesthetic improvement.

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how long is recovery after Breast Reduction?

Depending on co-morbidities, distance from the hospital, and the extent of the procedure planned, most breast reductions are scheduled as outpatient or a 23-hour hospital stay. After surgery, you will recover in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and your post-operative care instructions that we discussed prior to surgery will be reviewed again prior to you going home. We use simple dressings that are easy to take care of and comfortable support garments. When you are well enough for your driver to take you home, we want you to have little to worry about so that you can start to enjoy the naturally elevated and youthful-looking breasts. Oral pain relievers should keep you comfortable. You should be able to shower the next day.

We will schedule to see you back no later than a week after surgery for your first follow-up appointment at SSK Plastic Surgery. We will continue to monitor your progress at regular intervals and make sure your healing is going as planned. Most of your sutures are dissolvable and working on the inside, helping to support your closure over a period of 2-6 months; to seal the skin edges, we use either skin glue or steri-strips (fine skin tape applied over incisions), which usually fall off on their own. You may do light activities in 7-10 days but should avoid sports and other strenuous activities, including lifting over 10 pounds, for 4 weeks. You should notice the weight off your shoulders and improved contour and shape to your breasts. It would be our privilege to help you obtain an improved lifestyle of participating in everyday and special activities freely and with less discomfort.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

Your cost for breast reduction surgery can be discussed with Dr. Kelishadi during your consultation. When he has developed your treatment plan, it is easier to calculate your costs, including anesthesia, fees for the surgical facility, and more. Breast reduction surgery often causes a dramatic improvement in all aspects of life, so our staff will help you find low-interest medical financing to make your treatment easy to afford. We will also help you talk to your insurance company to see if your policy covers some of your expenses.

Will my insurance cover breast reduction?

In some cases, your health insurance may pay part of the cost of your surgery if it is deemed medically necessary. If you are considering using your insurance, talk to Dr. Kelishadi so he can help you with your claim. You should talk to your insurance company to find out if your specific policy may pay for the surgery and the information they need. Your insurance will most likely decide based on measurements like your weight, height, body surface area, and body mass index (BMI).

Will my nipples be moved?

In most cases, the nipples and areola will be moved up to a central position during breast reduction surgery. If a large amount of breast tissue and skin is being removed, your nipple-areola complex may need to be moved. Dr. Kelishadi will select an incision technique — so the nipple and areola are easy to move higher on the breast. It is also possible to perform an areolatome to reduce the size of the areolas. All of these options will be explained in your consultation before Dr. Kelishadi helps you choose the best plan to meet your goals

Can I breastfeed after a breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery can affect your ability to breastfeed. While some women can still breastfeed after a surgical reduction, some cannot. It is difficult to predict whether your breast reduction will cause you problems with breastfeeding. For this reason, Dr. Kelishadi suggests that patients be done having children or be willing to not breastfeed before considering breast reduction surgery.

get the new look and comfort you want

If you want to know the options for your breast reduction, we have many offers and details for your personalized breast reduction recovery. Dr. Kelishadi hopes you’ll seek the unparalleled compassion and care he and his team have to offer. Feel free to schedule an appointment for a thorough consultation so that we can evaluate your concerns and review the breast reduction cost.

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