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Dysport® in Newport Beach, CA

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What is Dysport?

Dysport is a popular wrinkle relaxer that board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi recommends to his Newport Beach, CA patients to diminish and reduce the appearance of their dynamic wrinkles. Typically injected on the forehead and upper-face, Dysport is composed of botulinum toxin type A, a natural substance that the body produces, that acts as a temporary muscle relaxer, allowing the facial muscles to cease contracting in order to present a smoother complexion. For 4 - 6 months after receiving the injectable treatment, our patients can experience smoother, more youthful looking skin with less dynamic wrinkles and lines along their face. We invite our patients to schedule a consult at SSK Plastic Surgery to discover if this treatment could be right for them. 

What to Expect during Dysport

Our skilled plastic surgeon will administer Dysport through a small syringe after he has marked the desired injection sites on the patient's face. Numbing cream is available for patients who are sensitive to the pricking of needles, though very little discomfort is associated with this procedure. The entire process generally takes around 30 - 60 minutes depending on the areas being treated. Patients can expect some mild swelling or redness along the face, but this should subside quickly. 

HOw long is recovery after dysport?

Dysport is a fast-acting wrinkle relaxer, with results being visible right after treatment and full results showing up just a few days after the injection. Patients should expect their results to last between 4- 6 months depending on their individual condition. Dysport can also be effectively combined with wrinkle fillers for patients who are looking to both smooth out their wrinkles as well as add volume and thickness to places that have lost their youthful appearance. 

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Dysport FAQs

How much does Dysport cost?
Your cost is based on how much Dysport is used for your treatment. In your consultation, your injector will create your personalized Dysport treatment plan so they can offer a cost estimate. Ask about our current injectable treatment specials at SSK Plastic Surgery and the different methods of payment we take.

What's the difference between Dysport and BOTOX?
Both Dysport and BOTOX are safe and effective to treat dynamic wrinkles. Dysport results usually develop faster compared to BOTOX. Dysport also has longer lasting results compared to BOTOX and it has a better spread. During your pre-treatment consultation, your injector will determine if Dysport or BOTOX is better for your treatment.

Should I get Dysport or a wrinkle filler?
Most people do not understand the difference between wrinkle relaxers, like Dysport, and dermal fillers. Simply put, a wrinkle relaxer addresses dynamic wrinkles whereas a filler treats static lines. Dynamic wrinkles are the result of repetitive movements, like smiling, laughing, frowning, and other expressions. Dysport relaxes the creased muscle under the skin to smooth the dynamic wrinkle. Static wrinkles are caused by a lack of elasticity in the skin, so a dermal filler plumps the skin so it looks smoother. In your consultation, your injector will ask about your goals to help you choose whether Dysport, a wrinkle filler, or a combination of both will deliver your best results.

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Present a More Youthful Face

Dysport is a fast-acting, far-spreading injectable wrinkle relaxer, making it an effective treatment for areas around the eyes and forehead that have lost their youthful appearance. If you are suffering from signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and creases, we invite you to schedule a consult at our Newport Beach, CA office to learn more about the benefits of Dysport. 

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