Your Body:  Constantly Changing

The human body is complex--science and art together in a beautiful creation. Heredity determines much about your health and appearance. Each of you is attractive in your own way.

As your body constantly evolves, it goes through many changes. Most of them you can’t influence, such as the hormonal upheaval that takes you from childhood to adulthood, and from your reproductive years into a stage of greater maturity and restfulness. Every minute, your cells are replacing themselves, invisible to the naked eye.

Natural Vs. Cosmetic, Inside & Out

Some changes produce effects that become visible to you and to everyone around you, during various stages of life—all along with the inevitable, continual aging.

A prime example of this phenomenon for many women is through the analysis of the lifecycle before, during, and after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. For all of us, a domino effect is involved in every change. Hormonal fluctuations in everyday life, as well as diet and other lifestyle factors, can affect weight, skin appearance, and skin tone.

Weight gain and resultant altered body contours may leave you longing to return to a slimmer and more-youthful size and shape. Weight loss can leave saggy skin that needs to be tightened. Unsightly skin eruptions or discolorations may make you feel less attractive and eager for cosmetic improvement.

Aging--with or without hormonal changes--affects facial and body contours, as well as skin elasticity, fullness, and firmness.

These general examples (excluding pregnancy-related ones) apply to both females and males, and can cause you embarrassment or discomfort. Plastic surgery to enhance your face and your body is a decision you can make that can have a huge impact on how you feel on the inside and look on the outside. Looking better and younger can improve your life; it may enhance your confidence and potentially how others perceive you, even at work.

Plastic Surgery: Evolution & Revolution

Decades ago, when I was growing up, we didn’t seem to hear much said about plastic or cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles (home, sweet home) because it was thought to be reserved for only those living in the upper echelon. A social stigma was attached to plastic surgery, unless it was a necessity, such as a reconstruction performed after a car accident.

Since that time, plastic surgery’s benefits have been sought by a majority of segments in society, and less-invasive new treatments have emerged to increase its general acceptability. The numbers don’t lie, and the technology keeps evolving. More and more women and men continue to want to improve their appearance. Many of them aren’t shy about discussing their procedures and showing off the results. Plastic surgery in Los Angeles, especially for celebrities, has become as commonplace as flights at LAX airport. Joan Rivers and Sharon Osbourne, who’ve had many such procedures, may have led the way for some others.

Your Stellar Solution Is Here!

Seeking an outstanding and caring plastic surgeon in Los Angeles or Orange County? Please, look no further than SSK Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, where science and art fuse to produce a ‘better you’. Here, a patient-centered approach is custom tailored to your satisfaction ranging from the most-effective old-school to cutting-edge techniques.

Although I recently moved back home as one of the younger plastic surgeons, I’m also extensively trained in general surgery to incorporate my patients’ entire health picture for the safest treatment and optimum recovery. You’ll find me, and my staff, to be extremely caring, communicative, and skilled beyond your highest hopes. My intention is for you to get to know me and feel assured that you made the right choice. The greatest honor would be in earning your label as one of your most-trusted physicians. I am privileged to serve patients of both genders and in nearly all age groups who need our help to feel and look better and to no longer feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. We’re delighted to make an important difference for you through proven techniques and stellar care.

The result will be a ‘new’, confident you!

At our Orange County plastic surgery practice, your every need is our priority. We will listen and respond with understanding and compassion. My staff and I will examine and treat you with care and respect, knowledge and skill. We will handle your situation with privacy and confidentiality, and we will answer every question. Your utmost satisfaction is my ultimate mission!

Suitability and Risks – Surgical or Nonsurgical

For your consultation, please bring photos of your goal.

We will use those during our discussion with you to determine the suitability of particular procedures and their risks for you. Whether it’s a face lift, a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or another procedure, the outcome promises to be uplifting for you physically and emotionally. In addition, nonsurgical options such as Botox®, fillers, and customized topical products (creams, etc.) merely add to the arsenal of tools we have available to maintain, enhance, or maximize your looks and help you to feel better.

Go big or go small—whatever suits you. Every surgical procedure comes with a degree of risk; fortunately, minor complications that do not affect the results happen only occasionally and major complications happen rarely. Whenever possible, please include your significant other in our conversations. Like you, your family, friends, and coworkers will be so impressed by how natural and professional your enhancements look, they’ll ask you to refer them to me as their Orange County cosmetic surgeon.

I want you to have all necessary information so that you can feel confident about placing yourself in our care. See the list of procedures to the right in order to find out specifics for a procedure you're interested in.