Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality.
Iris Marion Young

Woman with perfect breasts, as can be doen by Orange County plastic surgeon SSK, lying on a bed.

A woman’s breasts are unique to her and important to her femininity--to feeling complete as a woman, physically attractive, and confident. Anything to the contrary can dampen her self-esteem. How she perceives herself, whether the same as or different from others’ perceptions, is paramount. During her lifetime, gravity and aging will take their toll.

The Problems → Our Solutions 

Are you happy with your breasts, or do you find fault with their size, shape, symmetry, or position? Do you want to show more cleavage in your clothes, such as a cocktail dress or a bathing suit, without the help of a push-up bra? Have you had breast cancer or another condition that caused deformity or absence of the breast(s)? If any of the following are true, you may be considering the expertise of a cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic surgeon in Orange County for breast surgery.

  • Your breasts seem droopy (ptosis). The causes and subsequent solutions allowing revitalization are performed via a breast lift (mastopexy), perhaps along with a related procedure. In addition to correcting breast ptosis and improving shape, some women also require breast implants to help restore volume that was lost in the upper portion, which is not always restored with mastopexy alone.
  • You believe your breasts are too small. Solution = Orange County breast augmentation (“boob job”).
  • Your breasts are too large--causing self-consciousness and pain in your neck, shoulders, and back, maybe even preventing you from participating in certain activities and reducing your quality of life. Solution = breast reduction Orange County with a breast lift.
  • Your breast size is smaller than your waist and/or hip sizes. Solution = breast augmentation and perhaps also a bikini makeover with liposuction and body contouring. The results will complement one another for a more-balanced look.
  • One breast is smaller than the other. Solution = breast augmentation of one or breast reduction of the other, probably also necessitating a breast lift, to achieve symmetry; alternative solutions may be to use different-sized breast implants, or to graft fat to the smaller breast to allow final breast volumes and symmetry to be similar.
  • You believe your areolas are too large and/or the nipples point downward instead of forward. Solution = breast reduction alone versus a breast lift and nipple reorientation, depending on whether you want to reduce your breast size or are happy with their current volume.
  • You require breast surgery planned with or after the removal of breast cancer, or you wish to correct a chest deformity that affects the shape and/or symmetry of your breasts. Solution = Orange County breast reconstruction.

The list above is just a glimpse of the many problems that I, solve to ensure that I am the best breast implant surgeon to gain your trust. I understand your sensitivity and your need to have your breasts be the size and shape that can enhance your confidence. Please call SSK Plastic Surgery at (949) 515-SURG for an appointment. I would be honored to hear your concerns in person.

We will discuss with you the photos you’ve brought to represent your goal, your symptoms and overall health, the suitable options I can offer you for cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and my patient-centered strategies that will optimize your results. Together, we’ll form an outstanding plan of care for you. I hope that you will consider me one of the “up and coming” experts in plastic surgery of the breast for the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. If you have further questions, please Contact us.

“The only gossip I’m interested in is things from The Weekly World News — ‘Woman’s bra bursts, 11 injured.’ That kind of thing.” – Johnny Depp

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