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What is ThermiRase?

Your face is your first ambassador to the world. Eyes follow the flow of the face to the neck. First impressions can be positive if muscles are firm and skin is smooth and age-appropriate. 

Who is a candidate for THERMIRASE?

Aging, bad habits, and stress, as well as declining collagen, elastin, and hormone levels, usually show first on the face, especially when we don’t get enough sleep. Excessive job, family, social, world, and economic stressors and responsibilities, plus chronic illness or depression, drain our energies and steal time that we need for ourselves. Those causes and the repetitive movement of muscles that cause frown lines and creases eventually weaken skin tone. As a result, the face and the neck become less smooth and less firm. Looking in the mirror and thinking about all of it can make us feel frustrated, wondering how to reduce stress and its adverse aging effects.

Have you noticed more furrows and frown lines? Are you afraid that you’re aging too fast, becoming unattractive, and maybe at risk for losing job opportunities that often go to younger candidates? You don’t want significantly invasive and costly surgical procedures like a face lifts or neck lifts, nor Botox® injections; you seek a viable minimally-invasive option to improve your appearance. Stay calm and let your Orange County Plastic Surgeon help you quickly and easily. 

What to expect during THERMIRASE

ThermiRase Muscle and Nerve Control in Orange County

At SSK, we’re pleased to offer ThermiRase®?a quick, easy, and micro-invasive option?to control and prevent further formations of furrows and frown lines in the forehead and the neck. Our keys are thermal heat and local anesthesia with our gentle and precise technique. Beneath the surface of the skin, we find the particular nerve pathways that control the problematic overactive muscles whose repetitive actions have caused your unwanted frown lines. We then inject a drop of local anesthesia in precise spots and briefly apply a safe temperature of thermal heat to them. Those spots disable the nerves that activated the offending muscles. The intended effects are immediate to help you feel more confident about your appearance. As soon as we finish, I’ll place a gentle wrap around the treated area for your comfort. 

You will likely resume normal activities the next day, without anyone knowing our secret. With ThermiRase®, before-and-after comparisons can show dramatic differences.

Micro-Invasive  *  Only 1 Treatment  *  Quick  *  Easy  *  Safe  *  Gentle  *  Precise
Zero or No Discomfort or Bruising  *  No Downtime *  Immediate Results  *  Worthwhile!

Call SSK Plastic Surgery at 949-515-7874 for a discreet consultation about ThermiRase® in our Newport Beach office. We will give you the answers and comfort you deserve.

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