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what is thermibreast?

Life is full of changes that are both within and beyond our control. We cannot control or stop biological changes, aging, the pull of gravity, job and parental duties, and their often undesired effects. As our hormone and collagen levels change and slowly decline, the firmness of our muscles and skin undergoes challenges to retain the full and perky appearance of youth. 

can thermibreast help me?

Aging, the stressors of life, weight loss and gain, and a lack of consistent exercise and support can cause our muscles and skin tone to weaken. For women the added joys and demands of childbearing and breastfeeding, especially in the alternating fullness and deflation of breasts from feeding cycles, take a toll on breast tissues. Consequently, laxity shown in stretched skin and sagging breasts that are less firm, less smooth, less attractive. Have you avoided being seen in form-fitting and low-cut clothing and swimsuits that seem to scream, “My breasts are on their way to my knees!”? Ordinary exercise won’t do enough to return your breasts to their former higher position. You’d rather avoid a majorly invasive surgery to lift and tighten your breasts and skin. Trust your Orange County Plastic Surgeon for a less-invasive, effective option that can make you look firmer and even sexier.

how does thermibreast treatment work?


ThermiBreast® Subdermal Tissue Remodeling in Orange County

SSK has the answer for you in thermal, radio-frequency heat! ThermiBreast® is a quick, easy, and micro-invasive option that rejuvenates tissue and skin to help breasts be firm and perky again. Using a tiny temperature-sensitive probe and our gentle technique, we apply an appropriate amount and temperature of thermal heat beneath the skin’s surface to problematic tissues. The heat rebuilds collagen and tightens the tissue and skin, which can then rebuild your confidence. Via an infrared camera, we will monitor your skin temperature to ensure your safety and the treatment’s effectiveness. You’ll be under local anesthesia, talking with us most of the time. As soon as we finish, I’ll place a gentle wrap around your breasts for your comfort and to protect your exciting investment. Some patients say that they feel tightening and see results quickly. You likely will resume your normal activities the next day. If we treat you on Thursday or Friday, you can go back to work on Monday. Patients should see ongoing results for the next few months.



Micro-Invasive  *  Only 1 Treatment  *  Quick  *  Easy  *  Safe  *  Gentle  *  Effective
Zero or No Discomfort or Bruising  *  Little to No Downtime  *  Quick Results  *  Worthwhile!


ThermiBreast® easily fits into your day. Call us at 949-515-7874 for a confidential consultation in our Newport Beach Plastic Surgery office. You can look better and feel sexier in a jiffy!


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