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What is ThermiSmooth face?

What do people see first when they look at you? Your face, neck, and the details of everything in between, including your approximate age. A bad first impression might be all there is—no second chance. If bad habits are making you look unattractive and older than your age?up to 15 years or more!?you may want to adopt a more-healthful lifestyle and to improve your face and neck for a favorable first impression.

Who is a candidate for THERMISMOOTH FACE?

Skin can begin to lose collagen (thickness) and elastin (elasticity) as early as in our thirties. That loss allows aging and bad habits to show in fine lines, puffiness or bags, frown lines and furrows; failing definition, volume, and support, especially in cheeks and jawline/jowls (wrinkles and sagging). Skin damage from bad habits such as smoking, insufficient sleep and nutrition, repetitious facial expressions; too much sun, stress, worry, and more can speed aging. So, we may seek a non-invasive method to improve or correct those undesirable visual effects.

What to expect during THERMISMOOTH FACE

ThermiSmooth Face® Non-Invasive Dermal Remodeling in Orange County

Thermal heat is a non-invasive, safe, and precise new method for certain corrective procedures. To perform ThermiSmooth Face®, SSK uses a specially-designed thermistor-regulated hand piece to gently heat the skin’s surface. This dermal heating uses temperature-controlled radio-frequency energy that stimulates collagen in lower skin layers and then remodels problem areas: forehead, around eyes and mouth, in cheeks and neck. You’ll be back to work and your busy life right away! A series of 3 to 6 treatments often are needed to improve age-related sagging and restore a more-youthful shape. This non-surgical mini- face lift in Newport Beach with your Orange County Plastic Surgeon can be a worthwhile investment for you.

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