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what is thermi?

Thermi. It sounds a lot like “thermal,” and there’s a good reason for that. Webster defines thermal as follows: “designed to prevent the loss of body heat; of, relating to, or caused by heat.” Historically, heat can come from a cozy campfire, a roaring fireplace, or a fired-up furnace. It can even come from long thermal underwear that traps heat between layers of clothing, especially for people whose skin is not as thick as it used to be due to a loss of collagen. Collagen is the thick layer under the skin, which babies have so much of to make their skin look plump. Heat gets through our skin, into our bodies, and makes us feel warm. Warmth produces comfort. Comfort creates feelings of well-being, from the physical to the mental to the emotional and even the sexual. 

New in the science of heat is Thermi®, a cutting-edge method of heating skin and tissues to remodel and rebuild collagen. Especially in certain parts of the body, heat and collagen make a a valuable collaboration for improvement, rejuvenation, and comfort.

do i need a thermi treatment?

When the body lacks collagen and heat, disadvantages result in parts of the body that are readily seen and in a few that rarely see the light of day. Yes, when many of us look in the mirror, especially those of us who are middle-aged and older, we don’t like to see what that lack of collagen causes our skin to do?wrinkle, get thin, sag?and we don’t like how we look and feel as a result.

how does a thermi treatment work?

Thermi® revolutionary products and SSK’s skillful services together create carefully controlled heat that produces positive change and comfort. Please read about each Thermi® product and service that we offer to create desired improvement and individual comfort. Before-and-after comparisons are dramatic. Calling 949-515-7874 for a discreet consultation with SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California, can make all the difference for you.  

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