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At SSK Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kelishadi keeps up with the latest and greatest innovations to provide you with the most modern and least invasive techniques possible. While you have many plastic surgeons to choose from in Southern California, we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to show you why we may be the best fit for you. Therefore, we invite you to read through our patient reviews to learn more about Dr. Kelishadi and our practice. All the reviews are from previous patients who wished to share their cosmetic journey and positive experience at our Newport Beach practice with future patients.

Reviews for Breast Augmentation Procedures in Placentia, CA

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Mar 24 2019

"Breast Aug - 33yr old Mom of 3 - This is kinda long...sorry!I did 3 consults with OC based plastic surgeons before making my final decision to go with Dr Kelishadi. Two of my three consults were referrals, Dr Kelisahdi was a referred to me; the third was a random that I chose based on research from Yelp, Real Self, and the OC Mom Group on Facebook. *Dr Kelishasi was my first consult. I felt very comfortable and very excited leaving the consult. We took photos (the only consult that did this) talked about what I wanted, and tried on implants. Dr Kelishadi came in to look at sizing of the implants I tried on and give me his opinion, placed them properly, etc (BTW He was the only doctor that spent time with me trying them on and offering an opinion- the other consults just had the nurse try them on with me). Then he spent 10min or so showing me before and after pictures of cases he had done and the outcomes (also the only doctor that did this). Dr Kelisahdi was also the only doctor who recommended I do two different sizes based on the asymmetry of my chest wall and showed me that if I had two of the same size implant, one literally stuck out further than the other. This is a common asymmetry, but neither of my other two consults pointed it out. One could argue that he was the only one who pointed it out because it wasnt necessary, but I did ended up doing 385 and 445 and they look perfectly even! I left feeling like he and his team were excited for me and excited to give me the breast augmentation I wanted. * My second consult I was just not comfortable with. The consult was quick and the professionalism wasn’t there with the staff and overall experience. *I honestly didn’t want to get a third consult, and just wanted to go with Dr Kelishadi, but my husband wanted me too, so I did. The third consult was extremely thorough, almost giving me too much literature and information. At the time, I felt overwhelmed, but later it came in useful. For example, the pamphlet they gave me regards the warranty info was useful for my research and I hadn’t received that from anyone else. The third consult did give me some useful info that Dr Kelishadi’s office did not give me and things to think about, such as who would put my kids in the car for me since I couldn’t life for 2-4 weeks. However, the RN had a slightly condescending tone I didn’t love, and the doctor did not spend much time with me at all, yet his consult fee was the most of all 3! When it came time to book...I was nervous at the thought of booking with the third doctor, and excited at the thought of booking with Dr. Kelishadi… That is how I knew which route I had to go. I had to go where I was most comfortable.I am writing this review on day four post-op and I couldn’t be happier!! I am already off “hard-core” pain meds and recovery has been very smooth. “The sisters” as Dr Kelishadi calls them honestly look amazing already and I know it’s only going to get better. The nurses and staff at Placentia-Linda Hospital (where we did surgery) were amazing too! They were some of the kindest I’ve experienced and they all had great things to say about Dr. Kelishadi also (and I wasn’t asking! they were just offering up the info). They made me feel very comfortable when I was very nervous. I am extremely happy with my choice of doctor and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get this procedure done."
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