How To Prep Your Skin for an IPL Photofacial

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


Everyone wants a clear complexion, but even the most meticulous skin care regimen cannot give you blemish-free skin. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology can reduce the appearance of common issues, including brown spots and sun damage. This minimally invasive procedure can also address signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

So, how do you prepare for IPL in Newport Beach, CA? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi or a member of our on-site med spa team can examine your skin to learn if you are a candidate at your consultation. The professionals at SSK Plastic Surgery then prepare you for your photofacial so you can get the best outcomes possible.

What is an IPL photofacial?

Because of natural aging and sun damage, more people are interested in improving their appearance than ever. An IPL photofacial can restore your complexion through noninvasive technology. Our med spa uses the advanced Venus Versa™ to perform skin renewal. IPL works by using intense light wavelengths that gently heat the skin. This initiates your body’s natural healing processes. Over time, you will notice healthier skin with fewer imperfections.

Preparing for your IPL treatment

During your initial assessment, we will answer any questions you may have and determine your candidacy for IPL. We may ask you to do the following in preparation for your skin rejuvenation treatment:

  • Avoid excess sun exposure and use a high-SPF sunscreen when going outside

  • Stop taking certain topical creams, like retinoids, that affect skin sensitivity

  • Stop smoking to promote better skin healing after IPL

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy

How is IPL performed?

On the day of your photorejuvenation procedure, do not apply any makeup or moisturizers. This is because our med spa professionals will thoroughly clean your face before your skin rejuvenation treatment. We then protect your eyes using special laser shields. Our team administers the IPL photofacial with a handheld wand that emits pulses of broad-spectrum light. The energy then converts to heat, which is what repairs the layers of skin tissue.

What to expect after your IPL photofacial

Patients who get IPL in Newport Beach, CA should prepare for recovery as soon as their session is finished. You may feel a sunburn-like sensation in the treatment area, but this is temporary and should dissipate within a few days. Our med spa may recommend a cream to minimize irritation. While there is no downtime needed with a photofacial, continue to keep your skin protected from the sun until all side effects have gone away.

Over the following several days, you will notice the irregularities under your skin rising to the surface and flaking off. This is also normal and an expected part of the process. Do not pick at the flaking skin to avoid skin damage. The great news is that you should see real improvements after your first session. Dr. Kelishadi suggests getting 4 – 5 sessions total so you can achieve the most desired outcome.

Schedule your skin rejuvenation treatment

The short treatment time and lasting effects of the IPL photofacial make it one of the most requested treatments at our med spa. A photofacial gives your skin a healthy, youthful look and addresses blemishes, like age spots and sun damage. If you would like to refresh your appearance with SSK Plastic Surgery, simply give us a call to schedule an IPL in Newport Beach, CA. The services provided by Dr. Sean Kelishadi are designed to leave you looking and feeling better than before.

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