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Meet Sherry Kelishadi, Pharm.D. - In-House Clinical Pharmacist

Dr. Sherry Kelishadi is our inhouse clinical pharmacist and director of anti-aging therapies. She has been a clinical pharmacist since 2011 and has over 10 years of expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement. At SSK Plastic Surgery, we take pride in providing a second to none customer service experience that focuses on safety. Furthermore, not only do our patients look their best, but with hormone and micronutrient analysis and optimization, our patients feel their best too. Our clients are counseled on the highest quality products ranging from vitamins, bioidentical hormones, probiotics, skincare, and more! At a premiere plastic surgery practice, having an inhouse clinical pharmacist to counsel patients on their medications and optimal anti-aging therapies is the exception not the rule. As a bonus, Sherry is also quite the fashionista and helps patients with ideas for decor, shopping, fine dining, and travel to complement their new healthy lifestyles.