Where on the Body Can You Treat Stubborn Fat with Liposuction?

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


Liposuction is a highly popular cosmetic procedure aimed at removing excess fat from targeted areas of the body. Dr. Sean Kelishadi at SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA has helped countless individuals achieve their body contouring goals. Liposuction is often considered when diet and exercise alone aren't effective at getting rid of stubborn fat. But a common question many have is: What areas of the body can be treated with liposuction?

How does liposuction work?

Understanding how liposuction works can help you decide if it's the right procedure for you. Essentially, liposuction involves making small incisions in the skin and inserting a cannula (a thin tube) to suction out fat cells. Local or general anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort. The procedure can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient, making it a versatile solution for reducing stubborn fat.

  • Targeted areas: Liposuction can be performed on multiple body areas, including the upper arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, among others. The procedure offers customizable solutions for targeted fat reduction. Dr. Kelishadi not only removes fat but also uses techniques to shape and contour the body.
  • Duration: The time required for a liposuction procedure varies, usually lasting between 1 – 4 hours. The duration is influenced by the number of areas being treated and the volume of fat being removed.
  • Recovery time: Your healing process and the duration of noticeable swelling and bruising can vary based on several variables. These include how much fat was extracted, the regions targeted during the procedure, and whether you underwent any concurrent treatments. Typically, patients may return to regular activities within a few days, although full recovery may require a more extended period, depending on individual circumstances.

What areas can be treated with liposuction?

The versatility of liposuction makes it suitable for treating a variety of body areas. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms, and even the neck. Additionally, liposuction in Newport Beach, CA, under the expert care of Dr. Kelishadi, can also treat more specialized areas like the back, flanks, and hips. The procedure allows for targeted fat reduction, helping you contour and shape your body the way you've always wanted.

Are there any limitations to the liposuction procedure?

While liposuction is effective, it's not a weight-loss solution or a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Ideal candidates for liposuction are generally within 30% of their ideal weight and have firm, elastic skin. If you're considering how to get rid of stubborn fat, consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine if liposuction is the right choice for you. Factors like medical history, current health condition, and aesthetic goals will be assessed.

Consider liposuction in Newport Beach, CA

Choosing to undergo liposuction is a significant decision, and the expertise of your healthcare provider matters. Our Newport Beach, CA practice offers personalized consultations and tailored treatment plans designed to meet your unique needs. Ready to take the next step in achieving your body contouring goals? Reach out to SSK Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sean Kelishadi today.

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