What Are My Options For Getting Breast Implants?

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


One of the most requested procedures at SSK Plastic Surgery is breast augmentation with implants. You may be facing a loss of breast volume after a significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. No matter what the reason, breast augmentation allows you to look and feel great about your body again. Finding a proper fit for bathing suits and bras can be difficult if you have small or asymmetrical breasts. Breast surgery can help women fit into their favorite clothing with confidence. 

Breast shape and fullness are particular to each woman. Sometimes patients are looking to achieve the coveted "36-26-36" measurements for a traditional profile. Aside from getting a more proportioned breast shape, implants can improve your self-confidence. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi offers several breast surgery options to benefit women in the Newport Beach, CA, area. Learn more by reading the following information on implant types or by scheduling a private consultation with Dr. Kelishadi. 

Benefits of Breast Implants 

There are many factors that contribute to small or deflated breasts, including genetics, aging, gravity, and the cycle of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many breasts suffer from a lack of volume at the top, giving them a drooping appearance. A skilled implant surgeon can make the body more proportionate by balancing the ratio of the breast to the hips and waist. 

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, you may be ready to make this exciting change. Each woman has her own vision of the ideal breast size. Dr. Kelishadi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you choose implants based on your desired cup size and cosmetic goals. During a private consultation, he will explain the process step by step and help you feel comfortable with your decision for breast enhancement. We will also give you realistic expectations about your outcome. Schedule your personal evaluation with Dr. Kelishadi today. 

Types of Implants Offered 

Want to know what our office has to offer when it comes to breast implant surgery? There are a variety of implant options for different purposes, shapes, and sizes. Breast surgery and breast augmentation mainly focus on silicone gel or saline, round or shaped, and smooth or textured implants to restore volume. Implants may also be placed above, behind, or partially behind the pectoralis major muscle. Let’s take a look at these options in detail to see how each one could benefit your silhouette. 

Saline breast implants

Saline implants are surgically inserted empty and then filled with sterile saltwater once they have been placed in the body. They offer a natural, uniform shape for women aged 18 or older. Although the chances of a ruptured implant are low, if a saline implant ruptures, you will know within a few hours. The saline will be safely reabsorbed by the body, then naturally expelled. If you believe your implant has ruptured, reach out to SSK Plastic Surgery as soon as possible. 

Silicone breast implants

Silicone implants are filled with a gel that mimics the natural look and feel of the breast. This option is stiffer than other implants, meaning they tend to hold their shape more firmly. Silicone implants are approved by the FDA for women aged 22 or older. Since it is difficult to tell if a silicone implant has ruptured, it is important to visit your plastic surgeon regularly for screenings. Dr. Kelishadi will make sure your implants are functioning properly. 

Gummy bear breast implants

Gummy bear implants are teardrop-shaped, gel-based implants. They’re referred to as “gummy bears” because they keep their shape even if the shell is broken. The consistency is thicker and thus firmer than traditional silicone implants. However, if the implant rotates, this may lead to an unusual appearance of the breast. If this occurs, it may require a separate cosmetic procedure to correct.

Round breast implants

Since round implants are completely symmetrical, there is no issue with them rotating out of place. Round breast implants make the breasts appear fuller, especially at the top of the breast. Breast augmentation with round implants allows patients to achieve even more projection than other options. 

Smooth breast implants

Most breast implant surgeries involve smooth implants. Once placed, these implants have a lower chance of rippling (the appearance of visible ridges or wrinkles in the implant that show through the skin) and give breasts a more natural movement. Breast augmentation with smooth implants also feels softer than textured implants due to their thinner shell. 

Textured breast implants

Textured implants are less likely to shift around inside of the breast. By giving the implant texture, the implant sticks to the tissue around it. This is especially important if the implants are teardrop-shaped, as the texture keeps them aligned within the breast. 

Achieve your best figure

You may have questions about the breast implant options offered at SSK Plastic Surgery. Are saline or silicone implants better for your goals? Should you have a breast augmentation with lift? Dr. Sean Kelishadi and his professional staff in Newport Beach, CA, are dedicated to educating patients and addressing all of your concerns. To learn more and get your own personal recommendations from Dr. Kelishadi, schedule a private consultation today. 

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