Top 3 Breast Augmentation Myths

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


It has been over 50 years since the very first breast implant using silicone was introduced.

Women and men both have embraced the ideas of breast augmentation over the years.  Now, the pressures of beauty and social media on the rise have fueled the trends and technology to grow and develop, respectively. There are many ideas and and opinions about breast implants, and with all the bloggers out there speaking of their personal experiences, it can be very challenging to find meaningful information. When searching for answers to your questions, you are better off asking an Orange County plastic surgery professional your questions pertaining to your health and what your presumed experience may be.


There are many myths and preconceived notions about breast augmentation surgery, especially from women who were allowed to cut corners on costs; in such situations, they paid less but probably received lesser quality implants or risked their safety by being charged less to have surgery at a non-certified facility. It is important to make your decision about something that will forever impact your life and health by receiving your information from a credible source and dispelling any myths:

1. Breast implants are dangerous.

Not really. There are no conclusive studies that link breast implants to systemic disease.  With any surgery, complications may occur, and with breast implants, there is an issue with them occasionally hardening, becoming distorted, causing local complications, etc. and these concerns are not without merit. Luckily these occurrences are rare.  Nevertheless, they should be carefully considered by every prospective patient and discussed with their surgeon. This discussion should also include strategies that may be in place to decrease the chance of these events from occurring.

2. I won’t be able to workout the same after such an invasive surgery.

Consult with your Orange County plastic surgeon before starting back up again in the gym, as each case will differ. Some Plastic Surgeons have been known to allow their patients to begin a cardio workout after just one week post procedure, and possibly even weight lifting in a few weeks, while others are more conservative and less lenient.  You should follow the post-op routine that has afforded the best results with your surgeon's experience.

3. Women who get a boob job are doing it for someone else.

Some people suggest that women who get implants do so just to please or impress men. The truth is almost all women who get breast implants do it for themselves. Just like putting on eyeliner or lip gloss, women who invest in breast enlargement choose to do so in an effort to enhance their natural beauty and to feel more womanly, not to become a bull’s-eye for men. Editor and Fitness expert Dani Shugart shares in her testimony,that the greatest reward from her procedure so far has been confidence.

“Confidence in the bedroom. Confidence wearing the clothes you like. Confidence at the gym when you catch a glimpse of your curves [in the mirror]…”

There are many many false answers out there on the internet about breast augmentation. Doing your homework plays a very strong part in the consideration of breast implant surgery, so contacting an Orange County plastic surgeon is the best way to address your concerns. Every woman is different and every body type has it’s own unique form of care. Contact us today to address your concerns about breast enhancements.

Hopefully you've enjoyed our blog and while you are considering the pros and cons of breast augmentation.  We want you to know that overall, this procedure offers a very high satisfaction with a worth it rating of 96% on Realself.   

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