Three Tips to Avoid Weight Gain After Liposuction Treatment

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


As you begin looking into your options for liposuction, you may find many claims that liposuction offers permanent results. While fat can certainly be extracted from the body using liposuction, it is important to understand that maintaining your newly slimmed size is ultimately up to you. Without question, the most important thing you can do to preserve your liposuction results for as long as possible is to avoid weight gain because gaining weight after fat removal surgery can restore your originally expanded waistline and leave you right where you started. To give yourself the best chance for a lifetime of enjoying your sexy new physique, use these three post-liposuction maintenance tips from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi and the knowledgeable team at SSK Plastic Surgery in Orange County, CA.

Can fat come back after liposuction surgery?

No, the specific fat cells removed during liposuction surgery are considered eradicated from the body. However, remaining fat cells can change in size, and new fat cells can also develop in and around the area of the previous liposuction. While this is sometimes unavoidable as the result of hormone fluctuations, genetics, and certain medications or medical conditions, the vast majority of weight gain after liposuction can be prevented.

Preventing weight gain after liposuction

Regaining the weight you lost with liposuction surgery can lead to the return of unwanted inches. In most cases, maintaining a stable weight after liposuction surgery helps patients to enjoy years, decades, or even a lifetime of slimmer contours. To keep weight gain after liposuction at bay, Dr. Kelishadi covers three helpful and easy steps you can take at home:

1. Choosing healthy habits

The most effective way to keep your weight consistent and healthy is to adopt an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Patients hoping for long-lasting liposuction results should exercise regularly and eat nutritious, whole foods while minimizing alcohol intake and refraining from smoking. Even getting enough sleep at night can play a role in maintaining a stable weight.

2. Keeping your stress in check

Increased stress levels are often associated with the inability to lose weight (weight loss resistance) as well as unintended weight gain. Be mindful of your stress levels and consider incorporating de-stressing techniques into your daily routines. These may include meditation, yoga, naps, or a leisurely activity like walking or reading a book.

3. Planning ahead

Another consideration for liposuction patients hoping for long-lasting results is the timing of their surgery. The most notable example of this may be a woman who is thinking about liposuction but is unsure about her plans for having future children. Although some amount of weight gain is a natural and necessary part of pregnancy, it can still “undo” the results of previous liposuction surgery. For this reason, it may be advisable for women to wait to schedule their liposuction treatment until they are done having kids.

Overall, living a healthy, active lifestyle and making conscious choices about your behaviors and routines can dramatically impact your ability to keep your weight stable and maintain your slimmed-down new look for longer.

Looking for lifelong liposuction results? You may be in luck

With liposuction surgery, you can have unwanted fat cells removed from your body. And with a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy your trimmer figure for years or even decades to come. Take the first step toward finally transforming your life by calling SSK Plastic Surgery to schedule your liposuction consultation with one of Newport Beach’s top board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Sean Kelishadi, today.

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