The Truth About Breast Enhancements and Fitness Experts

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


In the current world of instant photo sharing, selfies and profile pics, nurturing one’s physical appearance has never been more important than it is now. It’s no wonder that women of all ages across the US are investing in nutrition plans, weight loss supplements, personal trainers, and gym memberships to keep (or create) a perfect physique.

Yes, any woman who spends the right amount of time and money can reshape her body into the perfect silhouette.

But what do we do about the parts of the body that won’t improve after a few months in the weight room, or even worse, new problem areas that arise as a result of intense and prolonged workout regimens? For many female fitness enthusiasts, their breasts lose volume, especially in the upper pole. Because breasts are largely made of fat, women tend to become leano in that area when weight is lost. At SSK Plastic Surgery, we take pride in providing the latest and greatest solutions for such concerns to the Orange County Plastic Surgery community.

Some fit girls tend to view any type of augmentation or enhancement as negative,but the truth is many fitness models and celebrities, who live a very healthy lifestyle, have sought out the medical expertise and services of plastic surgeons worldwide to help enhance their assets (so to speak) and create their perfect body; one they can fall in love with.

Physique competitor, published author, and fitness expert Dani Shugart shares her misconception of breast augmentation and how her opinion was altered once she began considering the surgery herself: “Good girls don’t get fake boobs. They train hard. They eat well, and then they let Mother Nature take care of the rest. That was my thinking before getting breast implants.” Dani goes on to share her personal story of being told she was a “late bloomer” only to still come up short at the age of 29. That was when she made the decision to defeat feelings of embarrassment and jealousy and invest in breast augmentation surgery (read more about her journey here after you’ve finished our article). We are proud to offer the most advanced high strength cohesive gel breast implants Orange County has to offer. With so many different styles to choose from, we are better able to customize your Orange County breast augmentation to your ideal body image.

While many of our female audience members freely pour resources into diet supplements, chemically altered vitamins, personal trainers, and celebrity-endorsed diet plans, we also want to encourage interested members to seek the advice and guidance of an educated and experienced cosmetic breast surgeon. It seems counterproductive to harbor feelings of inferiority, unattractiveness, and low self-esteem, despite all of the hard work put into perfecting one’s physique. Perhaps it’s because so many important questions have long gone unanswered; for some, they may avoid seeking consultation due to misconceptions and misrepresentations of the “type” of girl who gets a “boob job.”

Remember, the best reason for changing your appearance is YOU!

While it is in your nature to want to be desired and admired, your body is your own and at the end of each day, your opinion of yourself is the only one that truly matters. Invest in yourself and your confidence. Feel good about the body looking back at you from the mirror and nurture yourself from the inside out. Feel good about becoming the woman you really are and don’t be ashamed to fall in love with your selfie. Call us today for an attentive consultation to your concerns.

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