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By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS



We believe in the importance of caring for our patients before, during, and after plastic surgery, and we want them to feel cared for. A lot of talented cosmetic surgeons can perform a Breast- Augmentation surgery with positive results. But at SSK Plastic Surgery, our patients are not only happy with the results; the total experience is what stands out most. Care, compassion, and transformation together are the biggest imprint we try to leave on our patients. We appreciate their kind words and their support as much as they appreciate ours.

“Amazing surgeon! Doctor Kelishadi is very attentive to his patients and always makes sure that they are doing well and get the best procedures done for their specific body.

His work is phenomenal and I am so happy with my results. Definitely go see him if you are considering having cosmetic surgery done. Doctor Kelishadi is the way to go!!”

“Awesome surgeon!! Caring, compassionate, and was always attentive to the needs of his patients. He provided care for complex patients with positive outcomes. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and care for your patients.”

“The minute I met this wonderful Doctor and surgeon I knew I was in good hands.

He took charge from the get go and knew exactly what I needed to feel better about a recent reconstruction. I put all my trust in him yesterday and he delivered exactly what he promised. A result I could never imagine. He gave me back the sense of feeling whole again after breast cancer and I will always be grateful for all of his hard work. He planned, we talked, he created a new me... doesn't get much better than that. Very caring and thorough and one of the most compassionate surgeons I've ever met. Thanks doc... you are worth a million bucks!”

“If you are searching for a phenomenal plastic surgeon with a fantastic bedside manner, and a doctor who actually CARES for their patient, we HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kelishadi for ANY type of surgery you may need, whether elective or not! Dr. Kelishadi plans and acts in a very confident and assertive manner that assures patients eliminate second guessing.

Here is a sample of what his talents do: My husband was involved in a life-threatening accident, the scaffolding upon which he was standing collapsed, causing him to fall approximately 12'. During his fall, he fractured the last disc in his neck (name??? starts with a “C”) - which is death if it breaks, and shattering his face. The only bone in his face that wasn't broken was the jaw bone – unbelievable.

Dr. Kelishadi was doing his residency at the University of Louisville in Kentucky and was assigned my husband's case, and thank GOD for that! Dr. Kelishadi repaired all of his injuries with little scarring – yes, he has a little scarring only because we were not there for cosmetic reasons, we were there for life-saving reasons! To this day, my husband is fully functional, no residual problems, just minor scarring.

Dr. Kelishadi did such a fantastic job in repairing/rebuilding his face, that he looks exactly the same as he did before the accident – and Dr. Kelishadi did this surgery without any past picture to look at (he asked me for one, but I was too distraught to remember I had my husband's license in my purse and could have showed him that!).

I have attached a couple of pictures, in case you are interested in seeing the before and after pictures.”

“Dr. Kelishadi is an amazing and very talented plastic surgeon who treats you like family. Highly recommend him for any cosmetic procedure you are considering. I have been very happy with my results. He spends time with his patients and explains the procedure in detail.”

“This is the best plastic surgeon hands down. He was caring and very attentive to my needs. He's awesome!”

“Sean is an amazing person with even more amazing skill!”

“Only surgeon I will ever have!!.. That is a done deal!!.. I will make the trip to Cali if I ever have anything else done!!.. Dr Kelishadi is the most amazing person and by far the most amazing surgeon I have ever come across..”

Breast Testimonial
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