Life After Implants. What Should You Expect?

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


Being an Orange County Plastic Surgery advisor to women on Real Self with breast augmentation concerns has many perks. The most rewarding part of the job is that I can personally congratulate them on the courage it takes to make changes in their life that result in their happiness.

Finding the best in breast augmentation Orange County has to offer is a matter of opinion that varies from one patient to the next. Every woman has a personalized ideal body image that brings with it certain concerns, and every surgeon has a different process to accommodate their patients’ needs. Premier Orange County Breast Augmentation surgeons separate themselves from the rest of the group knowing how important it is to help women understand what to expect after undergoing a life-enhancing surgery.

Here are a few tips to give you an idea of what to expect, and how to get the most out of your investment:

A few days after the surgery, understand that it is very common to have worries and even some doubts. Stay positive and congratulate yourself for being brave enough to take your happiness into your own hands.

During the initial 1-3 months (and for some people up to 6 months), the implants may be riding high and there may be noticeable swelling.

You may have some to none of a variety of uncomfortable sensations that can range from pressure, pain, or a vibration feeling to numbness and/or hypersensitivity. Most of the time these feelings are bearable after one week and become less noticeable as time goes on.

Eventually, the swelling will subside, your implants will have dropped and fluffed, and your breast skin will also accommodate the implants.

If you are experiencing any concerns, be sure to go over them with your surgeon. You and he/she have built a rapport and you have trusted him/her to do your surgery; your comfort and understanding are important.

Remember that your implants will most likely have greater longevity if you are careful rather than reckless with them; treat them as a valued investment.

To optimize the longevity of your results, stay in good health and maintain your body weight as best you can. Avoid having major weight fluctuations throughout your life except for in the case of pregnancy

When all else fails, remember that you have made a wonderful decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery, something special just for you to enhance your confidence.

It very important to acknowledge any changes you are unsure about with your body and trust your Orange County Plastic Surgeon to help you have more confidence in your decision.Comfort comes with education; the more you know the more empowered you are. We plastic surgeons are grateful for empowered women.

If you have any questions or concerns before or after breast augmentation surgery, feel free to email me at [email protected] or call my office today to talk about it at (949) 652-2800.

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