Learning the Basics About Labiaplasty

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


While many women don’t usually discuss the appearance of their vaginal lips in casual conversation, it can be a significant cause of constant discomfort or embarrassment. There are many reasons why the outer lips of the vagina look stretched or are loose, including natural processes, such as pregnancy, childbirth, or aging. Labiaplasty is performed by reducing the size of the labia majora and/or minora, creating a more desirable look, and in some cases, relieving a continuous source of discomfort. As a result, this intimate procedure allows patients to feel more confident in their bodies.

Labiaplasty should not be considered just a cosmetic procedure. Overextended vaginal lips can lead to irritation or pain when exercising, sitting, or having sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty can rejuvenate the area by improving the size and shape of the labia, enabling patients to get back to daily routines in comfort. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi, founder and president of SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, offers this advanced surgery as an option for women. Discover more about what labiaplasty entails and how to find the right plastic surgeon for this procedure.

What occurs during labiaplasty?

Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi typically performs labiaplasty with a local anesthetic so patients can drive to and from their appointment without assistance or concern about needing outside help. For treatments that may be more complex, general anesthesia may be required. If that is the case, a responsible adult or family member will need to be available after surgery to drive you home. When you arrive for your labiaplasty, Dr. Kelishadi will use a specialized surgical technique to remove the excess skin from the vaginal lips and tighten up the area. He strives to ensure there is minimal scarring and that the vaginal lips look and feel natural in contour, symmetry, and color. After the procedure is complete, the caring staff at SSK Plastic Surgery will provide you with detailed instructions to follow so you can heal at home.

It takes about a week to return to your usual activities. As you recover, you may feel some swelling and discomfort. Dr. Kelishadi recommends the use of an ice pack or cold compress to reduce any inflammation. Patients are restricted from sexual activity and the use of tampons for 3 – 4 weeks following labiaplasty. Visible results from the cosmetic procedure are typically seen in about six weeks, while final results are fully revealed in approximately six months. The results of labiaplasty are considered to be long-lasting but can be affected by aging, childbirth, and fluctuations in weight.

How much does labiaplasty cost in Newport Beach, CA?

Finding out the exact price of your labiaplasty procedure depends on several factors, which can include:

  • Geographical location: as with other cosmetic surgeries, geography plays an important role. The cost could be more expensive if you wish to travel to another region, while finding a local Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon to perform your labiaplasty may be more affordable.

  • The plastic surgeon: it’s important to keep in mind that a more “reputable” plastic surgeon may not charge more for a labiaplasty than others in the area. However, if the difference in price is minimal between a well-known and a lesser-known plastic surgeon, it may be best to choose the one who can get you the results you want and that you feel comfortable with to perform the surgery. You should decide how much of a compromise you want to make when it comes to cost versus quality.

  • The labiaplasty procedure itself: is the purpose of the surgery to reduce the size of the labia majora, the minora, or both? The specific options that will make up your labiaplasty, as well as any complications that may arise, can directly impact how much the procedure costs.

  • Sedation: administering general anesthesia versus local anesthesia is another factor that is calculated into the overall price of a labiaplasty.

  • Combining multiple procedures: many patients choose to have multiple cosmetic procedures performed at the same time, which is a cost, time, and resource-saving option. After consulting with your plastic surgeon about labiaplasty, you may decide to undergo more than one procedure at the same time. This may lower your overall cost as opposed to if you were to have them performed separately.

Due to the different cost factors involved with labiaplasty, you may want to begin budgeting for your specific procedure after a consult with your selected plastic surgeon. Dr. Kelishadi and the team at SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA will be able to give you a more direct and precise cost based on your final cosmetic goals.

Does health insurance cover labiaplasty?

The question of whether or not insurance will cover the cost of labiaplasty depends on a few factors as well. If it is proven that your labia is causing severe or debilitating discomfort, or is affecting your overall health, your health insurance provider may be able to cover the cost. It is best to discuss this with your plastic surgeon’s office in advance and consult with your insurance provider to confirm before you proceed with the surgery. Patients who are electing to have labiaplasty strictly for cosmetic reasons have a low chance of receiving coverage for the procedure.

In many instances, private cosmetic surgery practices in the Orange County, CA area, such as SSK Plastic Surgery, have financing options to help make your surgery more affordable. It’s best to ask the staff at your plastic surgeon’s office for more detailed information.

Set up a labiaplasty consultation with Dr. Kelishadi

As you continue to research what is entailed with labiaplasty and if it is a procedure that would benefit you, we hope you give the office of SSK Plastic Surgery a call. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi is one of the most recognized and respected cosmetic surgeons in the Newport Beach/Orange County, CA area. He will gladly meet with you to see if this surgery is the right option and can help you feel comfortable in your own body once more.

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