Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


Probably few people could produce the correct answer quickly. After all, most of these are far apart on the body. What do they have in common? All of them can be augmented to fill insufficient areas. Yes, breasts, buttocks, cheeks, and lips all are often augmented affordably and safely via plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  

Heredity gives us more or less for life in terms of attractiveness and body shape. Unintentional biological and environmental changes that occur over time due to aging, neglect, trauma, or injury can take a toll, too. An insufficiency in one or more areas of our bodies may spur us to seek high-quality corrections or augmentations to suit our needs or goals. Having needs met for good health and a positive self-image is critical—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

While training across the country for many years and then successfully practicing as a board-certified Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon, I have gained considerable insight into why women and men undergo particular procedures, including augmentation, and I am glad to help in any way I can to restore their confidence. Some common factors drive patients’ decisions. This month, the first in a three-part series about augmentation, we’re focusing on breast augmentation. Over the next two months we’ll talk about buttock augmentation and then cheek/lip augmentation, respectively.

Augmentation:  Is It Right for You?


A woman needs to feel confident that her breasts are attractive, symmetrical, and proportionate. She imagines herself in the breast size that seems to be ideal for her, especially for her body’s overall shape. Several reasons that women ask me to augment their breasts are:

  • Some smaller-breasted women feel that they appear less womanly, less feminine, and less sexy. Such a lack of confidence can affect various areas of your life, including in the bedroom. You may want to look better in your clothes instead of feeling self-conscious. 
  • Are your breasts smaller than your waist and hips? You may long to balance your body’s ratios. 
  • Breast augmentation or breast implant options are saline or silicone gel (popular), shaped or round, textured or smooth. You will decide among the advantages and disadvantages of placing the implant above, partially behind, or completely behind the pectoralis major muscle.

For years, breast augmentation surgery to restore lost volume or increase size has been the most-popular breast surgery in Orange County, possibly with a breast lift to reduce/eliminate drooping and to tighten loose skin. People who have had prior cosmetic breast surgery may seek breast revision to improve on time’s effects to soft breast tissues and nipples, to the appearance/size of scars and stretch marks, to correct a prior breast augmentation, or to alter body image. Breast augmentations can be done alone or as part of a Mommy Makeover to make bust, waist, and hip ratios more proportionate, and to get a flatter tummy. You will find details on our Breast AugmentationBreast RevisionBreast Lift, and Breast Recovery pages.

Breasts, Buttocks, Cheeks, and Lips:  All can be augmented with your Orange County Plastic Surgeon, usually on an outpatient basis and resulting in no or reasonably short downtimes. Full results usually can be seen from about a week to a few months and can last from several months to a couple of decades.

The Result:  A very high percentage of patients who have had these procedures done insist that the techniques are safe; they are satisfied, some are over the Moon about their experience, and their confidence has soared. They got their desired results: more-proportionate body contours, improved fit of clothing, increased sex appeal, a fuller and younger-looking face, and more.

Ready to Take Action?

Are you ready to augment your breasts? On the Internet you may find general facts but nothing specific to your own body and your own needs. That’s why you need a private and confidential assessment and a comfortable conversation with a highly qualified surgeon. “You get what you pay for” really is the truth. You need your procedures to be done right the first time by a board-certified surgeon in a certified facility for your optimum patient experience, overall quality of life, and budget. If you choose the right Plastic, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon at consultation time, you’ll save money, pain, inconvenience, and much more.

Please talk with us at SSK Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Our genuine and compassionate care, considerate communication, custom-tailored solutions, and impressivearsenal of tools and techniques fuse fellowship with science and art to produce the safest and most-aesthetic results. Our expertise in facial and body anatomy, along with our understanding from your photos of your age progression and personal journey, will distinguish us in exceeding your goals. Via careful, gentle handling of tissues and placement of sutures, we achieve the most-minimal scarring and stretch marks in the least-visible locations. The stellar service and results I provide are affordable and can easily be financed (please see our Financing Options page). Your utmost satisfaction is my ultimate mission! Please schedule a consultation with us at SSK. We’ll be here when you need us as a member of our extended family of patients—before, during, and after.

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