How Long Do You Need to Recover from Vaginal Rejuvenation?

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


Women who have loose or enlarged labia often struggle with frustration or self-consciousness about their bodies. Labiaplasty is performed to help people feel more comfortable in fitted clothing or during times of intimacy with their partner. SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA performs vaginal rejuvenation surgery so women can look and feel their best. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi will customize the surgery to meet your unique goals and desired outcome.

Vaginal rejuvenation can do more than just reshape the skin of the labia. As the vaginal lips enlarge, they can cause irritation or even infection due to the folds of skin rubbing together. This can lead to potential hygiene issues as the area becomes red and sore. By removing excess skin from the labia, we eliminate the source of the issue to create a comfortable and healthy vaginal area once again. Learn more about surgery and vaginal rejuvenation recovery by scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Kelishadi in Orange County.

Why should I get vaginal rejuvenation?

In a condition called labia minora hypertrophy (LMH), one or more of the labia lips are unusually large or asymmetric. This often causes discomfort or issues with hygiene and infections. However, LMH does more than cause skin irritation. The enlarged tissue may create a visible bulge when wearing some types of clothing, such as bathing suits or workout clothing. Labiaplasty surgery can eliminate these concerns, allowing women to wear all of their outfits comfortably and with confidence.

If your labia minora hypertrophy is interfering with your quality of life, help is available to you. Women who desire improvement in the size or shape of their labia are usually good candidates for vaginal rejuvenation. Prior to surgery, patients should discuss their concerns with Dr. Kelishadi and talk about any specific changes you hope to achieve. Labial reduction surgery is performed in an outpatient setting and involves a conservative reduction of the tissue using advanced techniques and measures.

About the procedure

All plastic surgery procedures carry some degree of risk. Knowing this, the team at SSK Plastic Surgery takes many precautions and uses modern techniques and to minimize these risks. In fact, Dr. Kelishadi has helped create a new successful method for performing this procedure, writing manuscripts and giving presentations about this topic. During your consultation, we will review the technique that is most appropriate for your condition and tailored outcome. Dr. Kelishadi can also show before-and-after photos so you can get a good idea about the outcome.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is performed in our Orange County office while under a form of anesthesia. The procedure to correct labia minora hypertrophy involves removing the excess tissue from the labia minora, while the remaining parts are brought into proper shape. When possible, we place incisions and sutures in natural creases, so they are invisible during vaginal rejuvenation recovery. At SSK Plastic Surgery, our goal is to preserve the natural sensations in the affected tissues while making the area more aesthetically pleasing.

What is recovery like after vaginal rejuvenation?

If you are wondering what is recovery like after vaginal rejuvenation, our staff in Orange County can provide helpful education about what to expect. This includes information about your post-surgical needs and vaginal rejuvenation recovery time. Keep in mind that each person heals from surgery differently and no two people will experience the same healing process. That being said, women can return to their active lifestyle about 2 – 3 weeks after surgery. Here are some helpful tips for recovery to follow at home:

  • Get plenty of rest, especially for the first 2 – 3 days after surgery

  • Attend any follow-up appointments as scheduled

  • Refrain from sex after vaginal rejuvenation until you are cleared to do so

  • Wear loose-fitting underwear and bottoms

  • Avoid touching the incision sites unnecessarily

Many of our patients also ask about sex after vaginal rejuvenation. It may take 6 – 8 weeks before the scar tissue is strong enough to return to sexual intercourse, but you should check with Dr. Kelishadi first. As always, if you have questions or concerns about the process, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our caring team for more information. We are honored to serve your cosmetic needs with the finest attention and follow-up care in Newport Beach, CA.

Learn more about vaginal rejuvenation recovery time

Are you looking for a compassionate and experienced Orange County plastic surgeon? Dr. Sean Kelishadi can discreetly discuss topics such as vaginal rejuvenation recovery time and sex after vaginal rejuvenation at his office in Newport Beach, CA. At our practice, we strive to use the most advanced tools and techniques so you can experience more comfort and confidence in all areas of your life. Contact SSK Plastic Surgery to schedule your labiaplasty consultation today.

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