How Liposculpture is like Thanksgiving

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


In the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims were thankful for surviving their many hardships and for their first bountiful harvest in a New World that was unfamiliar to them.  The experience was understated, efficient, and all-inclusive; they formed friendships with the Indians and prospered as much as conditions, health, and other circumstances permitted.

Similarly, from college onward I was thankful to be taught and trained all across the country in order to become highly skilled as a physician, a surgeon, and finally a Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon.  As with the Pilgrims, the experience I had was understated, efficient, and all-inclusive.  Those of us who dreamed of serving and helping others through healthcare persevered through dedication and tiring hard work to make our way in the new worlds that we chose.  Often, both students and faculty formed longstanding friendships and prospered toward our ultimate goals.

At SSK Plastic Surgery, we are thankful for the skills we’ve acquired that allow us to help so many people while also sustaining ourselves.

We’re thankful for loyal clients and social media followers, whom we reward with wonderful incentives.  We know that you’re as thankful for us as we are for you.

In this season of Thanksgiving centuries after the first, I’ve taken occasional quiet moments to look around and reflect.  Those moments can come at predictable or surprising times.  When I’m looking at my sleeping wife and daughter at night, and when I’m sharing hugs and kisses with my mom on Sunday.  Or, when I see the aesthetically and functionally pleasing solutions I’ve achieved for a female patient who came to me during daytime office hours crying for help with a disfiguring problem that plagued her.  In one such thoughtful moment while performing a plastic surgery procedure, it occurred to me that liposculpture is like Thanksgiving in a way that we wouldn’t readily think of but is really quite simple.

In liposculpture, we take tissues from areas of plenty and then use them to fill—give—to bodily areas that are deficient.

At Thanksgiving time and in everyday life, that’s like taking food, blankets, and more and giving them to the needy.  Like lifting from our physical and emotional larders whatever we can share with veterans of various ages, who have sacrificed so much for us, to supply whatever they need from us.  Like devoting time from our days to listen to lonely adults or children who need caring, patient attention.  At SSK, 2% of our yearly earnings go to help suffering children at St. Jude’s and/or to Operation Smile; and we smile because of those patients’ thankfulness and our own to be able to do what we do.

My examples of thankfulness for living and working as an individual, a husband and a dad, a son and a brother, a friend and a Plastic Surgeon in Orange County, California, are endless.  My team and I will be glad and thankful to help you, too.  We’re here when you need us, just a visit or a call away at 949-652-2800.


Happy Thanksgiving
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