Happy Holidays!

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


“Holiday”: It’s a word that many people use often and widely with similar or slightly different meanings.

Some folks think of it as “holy day.” Webster defines it as: “a day observed with commemorative ceremonies or in commemoration of an event” (notably American); and as “a day of freedom from work or a vacation” (used broadly by the British).

If you think of “holiday” as referring to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and such, you likely also associate such days with deeply meaningful times you’ve spent with family and friends, and you remember many such occasions with great fondness. Such events also often include parties with loved ones and at our places of work. I recently thought about all this while discussing holiday and party plans with my wife and with my office manager. Those conversations reminded me of both sides of the party:

When we’re attending parties, we’re expected to be good guests who RSVP on time, show up and leave on time, and behave considerately in between.

Even more important, when we’re having a party, we’re expected to be good hosts.This made me realize that being a good host is much like being a good doctor.  Hosts and doctors should be warm and welcoming, listen attentively, show that we genuinely care, be responsive by providing what guests and patients need through our best skills and service, be available when they need us, and invite them back.  This is how I cheerfully conduct myself throughout the year because it’s what I believe in.

Whether we’re hosts, doctors, or serving in other capacities, we’re giving of ourselves and our resources. At the same time, it’s okay to give a little something to ourselves. That gift can be a warm sweater, a few days off work (a “holiday”), or an evening out for dinner and a show. Or, it could be a plastic or cosmetic procedure (surgical or non-surgical) to help us look and feel our best so that we’ll continue forward with greater confidence to help the many people who count on us.

Regardless of your religious faith, what you celebrate during this period, and what your traditions are, please be good to yourself while showing generosity to others.

If you need me at SSK, just call 949-652-2800 and I’ll gladly do my best for you, too.


Happy Holidays
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