Everyone Likes Gummy Bears!

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS



I know it’s unusual to ask for a breast implant by name, but let me tell my Orange County readers about Sientra® implants.

First, Sientra has improved upon their warranty against capsular contracture. When any type of breast implant is inserted, the body reacts by forming a protective lining around it. This is referred to as the "capsule" or "tissue capsule." Some people refer to it as the "scar capsule," although it is not exactly the same as scar tissue. The capsule is formed by your own living tissue. It is normal and happens in everyone regardless of whether the breast implant is smooth or textured, silicone or saline.

In some women, for reasons we don't understand completely, the capsule has a tendency to shrink, squeezing the implant. This is referred to as capsular contracture. The tighter the capsule becomes, the firmer the breast feels, sometimes even causing pain.

Now that I’ve defined capsular contracture, let me explain why this is a big deal. First, no other brand of implant has a capsular contracture warranty. None. Secondly, Sientra implants have always had a two-year warranty against capsular contracture, but now they are warranted for five years. This warranty applies to both smooth and textured implants. Amazing!


Sientra now makes the only round, FDA approved High Strength Cohesive (HSC) gel breast implant; some use the term “gummy bear implants” to allude to this newest 5th generation gel technology. These breast implants are filled with the most form-stable, high-strength silicone gel. They retain their shape even if they are compressed, cut or torn. Many Orange County breast augmentation patients also prefer the material because it feels and looks more like real breast tissue, and creates results that seem very natural.

Additionally, Sientra implants can be used as part of other breast enhancement procedures, such as a breast lift with augmentation, or breast reconstruction. I like them because they offer multiple options for customization in addition to implant size, so my patients don’t have to settle for a shape they don’t want.

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The Sientra Choice
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