Common Problem Areas for Liposuction in Newport Beach, CA

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


It can be frustrating when diet and exercise aren’t enough to eliminate stubborn fat on certain places on the body. Patients may feel fed up with trying to slim or tone particular areas, which is why many seek cosmetic help from liposuction. Considered to be one of the top cosmetic procedures done in the United States, liposuction targets and removes fatty pockets that take up residence on our bodies. The result is a toned and sleek silhouette free of unsightly cellulite. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi of SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, has expertise in liposuction that has helped numerous women and men achieve amazing results and revitalize their physiques.

Liposuction explained

Liposuction is the go-to option for many men and women in the Newport Beach area, where the sun is always shining and it’s swimsuit season year-round. You may eat well and exercise, but sometimes obstinate fat just won’t budge. Liposuction, or lipo, is a body contouring cosmetic procedure that aims to slim down or contour areas of the body by removing excess fat. Dr. Sean Kelishadi expertly utilizes a cannula instrument to carefully extract excess fatty tissue while gently contouring or reshaping for a sleeker, more proportionate figure. Read below as we take a look at the most common problem areas liposuction can address for incredible results.

The top areas addressed with lipo

Several areas of the body can be transformed with liposuction. Each gender has different body desires, and liposuction is fantastic because it can be customized to accommodate specific goals. Men typically turn to liposuction for assistance with their gut or unwanted "love handles." They also enjoy liposuction on the chest and back area. Women generally choose the abdomen, thighs, hips, and knees as areas where lipo can help them achieve their aesthetic goals. However, there are no steadfast rules, and liposuction is capable of being adjusted for each patient. Let's take a look at the most common body parts our Newport Beach office treats with liposuction and how the procedure can change your figure.

Abdomen and waist

The most popular area for liposuction with both men and women is the abdominal area. Liposuction on the lower, upper, or entire stomach area can create flatter, highly desirable abdominals. Even slim patients may struggle with a "pooch" or an extra layer of fat that won’t budge. Liposuction can remove excess fat and smooth out the stomach area to create a more toned-looking, sculpted appearance for both men and women.

Hips and thighs

Liposuction can alter the outer, inner, or both sides of the thigh area. Depending on a patient's body type, some need help with the outer portion or "saddlebag" area. Others want to achieve an inner thigh gap so their thighs don't rub against each other. If needed, a complete thigh liposuction can be done to reveal definition in the thighs.


The backside area is a very popular body part for liposuction. Most women who opt for liposuction desire a reduction in the size of their butt by removing excess fat. Liposuction of the buttocks can reveal a slimmer profile and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Another area of concern, especially for women, is unsightly excess fat on the arms. Typically a sign of aging, hormonal changes, or a reduction in muscle laxity, women may see loose fat in their upper arms or around the armpit area. Also, women who have had an arm lift procedure to remove loose skin, also known as "bat wings," typically have liposuction to remove excess fat, revealing shapelier and more toned upper arms.

Jawline and neck

While the body tends to be the most talked about in terms of liposuction treatments, men and women may seek facial contouring assistance as well. Facial procedures with liposuction can provide dramatic results and often eliminate the need for more invasive surgery. Many patients opt for neck liposuction, which is capable of reshaping the neck area and creating a renewed profile. Liposuction on the neck is rapidly becoming one of the most popular treatments, and can be coupled with Kybella®, an injection that helps melt fat under the chin.

Back and bra areas

A common area of concern for both men and women, the back can be quite stubborn when it comes to shedding fat. Men typically have "love handles" or lower back area issues, and for women, it is "bra fat" on the upper back. When diet or exercise don’t make any improvements, patients can turn to liposuction to smooth out those areas and help contour their back.

Liposuction as part of a mommy makeover

Liposuction can be successfully combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover generally consists of breast augmentation along with a tummy tuck. When Dr. Kelishadi further contours the body with liposuction, the results are sleek and beautiful, so mom feels rejuvenated once again.

When performed by a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon, liposuction can have excellent results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi at SSK Plastic Surgery conducts a surgical consultation to help determine the best option for your liposuction procedure so you can look and free great again. If you are interested in a liposuction procedure, call today to schedule your consultation at SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA.

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