Combining Breast Augmentation With A Breast Lift

By: Dr. Sean Kelishadi, M.D. FACS


Over time, most women start to notice some degree of drooping or volume loss in their breasts. If this is the case, you may be interested in rejuvenating your appearance with augmentation, a breast lift, or a combination of both. These treatments are performed every day across the U.S. for women who want to boost their self-esteem and body image. 

While implants can sometimes provide a lift by themselves, they can’t do much to correct sagging. At the same time, a lift could improve fullness, but is generally not able to increase the size of the breasts. SSK Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, offers a combo of both procedures, resulting in higher positioned breasts and a more youthful appearance.

You may have imagined how you would look with a bigger bust, but size isn’t the only factor to consider. Allow board-certified Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi to contour your breasts with breast lift surgery so you can feel more confident about what you see in the mirror. At SSK Plastic Surgery, we can give you the results you want so you can move forward with confidence. 

Breast augmentation surgery and lift candidates 

Adding a breast lift to conventional breast augmentation is a great way to meet your ideal breast shape and size. Candidates for this procedure would like to see improved volume and fullness with an elevated, youthful look. Overall, there are four main factors that contribute to sagging, drooping, or loss of volume that require cosmetic surgery: 

  • Genetics: Many women have naturally small or asymmetrical breasts from birth. 
  • Natural aging: As you hit new milestones in life, breast tissue begins to drop. 
  • Weight loss or gain: Weight fluctuations cause issues such as stretch marks and dimpling, as well as volume change. 
  • Pregnancy: The cycle of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding and the associated hormonal changes can alter the shape of the breasts and nipples. 

Discussing your procedure options

Breast size and proportion are unique to each woman. Dr. Kelishadi at SSK Plastic Surgery takes the time to understand your aesthetic goals during a one-on-one consultation at his facility in Newport Beach, CA. Together, we will create a realistic plan that combines breast augmentation surgery and a lift to suit your body type. We can discuss implant size and materials to achieve the shape you want. Dr. Kelishadi will perform an evaluation to determine if you have: 

  • Breasts that have lost volume or shape
  • Breasts that have a flatter, elongated shape 
  • Nipples that point downward or fall below the breast crease

Proven surgical techniques and state-of-the-art options make all the difference. This includes choosing between silicone, saline, and gummy bear implants, which have become popular in recent years due to their gel-like and flexible shape. Implants can be placed above, behind, or partially behind the pectoralis major muscle based on your needs and desired appearance. We can discuss the pros and cons of each type of implant and the area of placement during your consultation. 

During the breast lift, Dr. Kelishadi may also reposition the nipples so they are not facing downward or in different directions. Best of all, since both procedures are happening simultaneously, you will save time and resources by having just one surgery. You’ll only pay for one operating room and anesthesiologist fee, and you will only need to recover from one surgery. 

Recovering from augmentation and breast lift 

The experienced professionals at SSK Plastic Surgery will review postoperative care instructions before and after surgery. After being released to a responsible friend or family member, it is essential that you take the time to rest and heal at home. Following breast augmentation and lift, patients can return to work after several days, but it is important not to push yourself too hard or participate in strenuous activity until you have been cleared by Dr. Kelishadi. Be especially wary of exercises that involve the chest and pectoralis major muscles. 

It will take an average of 3 – 6 months to heal from augmentation and breast lift surgery, and in the meantime, you will notice some swelling in the area. While you can shower as normal and get the incisions wet, we do not recommend submerging them in water, such as in a bathtub or pool, for several weeks. We will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your progress and make sure healing is proceeding as planned. 

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Should you get breast augmentation surgery, breast lift surgery, or a combination of the two to enhance the shape and appearance of your bust? Dr. Sean Kelishadi is an experienced and well-known cosmetic surgeon who will make you feel secure about your decision and your new appearance. Contact the friendly staff at SSK Plastic Surgery to set up a private appointment at our Newport Beach, CA, office for more detailed information. We hope to address your questions and concerns about breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.

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