Newport Beach Facelift and Necklift for a Natural Appearing Facial Rejuvenation

Procedure Details

This mid to late 40's female is shown 2 months after facial rejuvenation surgery. Her case was very challenging because when she was close to 20 years of age, she had a melanoma excision and then they had to go back in and cut a much larger area out because they were unsure of having adequate margins. The excision was large requiring plastic surgery at a young age to close the huge defect, and as she aged, one side of her neck remained tight while the rest aged appropriately. When we met her, she had a tight neck on one side and loose skin hanging on the opposite side. This really bothered her. Furthermore, we were determined to do no harm and wanted to ensure her safety; there was a huge scar that went from one side of her neck to the other and we wanted to ensure that any surgery we did wouldn’t compromise blood supply to the skin flaps and cause skin necrosis. Also, having had extensive surgery in the area before, we had to be careful not to damage nerves of facial expression, and also release enough scar tissue to be able to mobilize the skin and tissues equally on both sides. Anyhow, we did the following for her: Bilateral upper blepharoplasties, lateral SMASectomy facelift, lateral skin-platysma displacement neck lift, and fat grafting to: the tear troughs, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and lips. What a transformation! Due to the extensive amount of work involved, we kept her overnight at the hospital for a 23 hour stay.


SSK Plastic Surgery

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