Breast Implant Surgery in Newport Beach helps to correct breast asymmetry

Procedure Details

This is a 23 year old female who desired perkier cleavage and correction of her breast asymmetry. Her right breast was smaller than her left one, and in order to balance out her different breast volumes, a larger implant was placed on the right than on the left. Furthermore, she really wanted more upper pole fullness (the push-up bra look without the push-up bra) but still with a natural look. To achieve this, we placed high profile implants to give more upper pole fullness, and we placed the implants under the muscle to help maintain a more natural look. This patient chose the more natural feeling Inspira round smooth silicone gel SRF implants, 385 cc on the right side, and 365 cc on the left. The inframammary crease incision was used because it helps give a more durable result because it helps to a) give the best pocket control during the surgery and b) it is the cleanest place to insert breast implants through and thus decreases the chances for capsular contracture. Also, the crease incision is well-hidden within the natural breast crease and is not noticeable in any of her pictures.


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