Implants of Different Sizes and Projections to Correct Breast Asymmetry

Procedure Details

This is a 24 year old female who suffered from deflation and poor shape of her breasts as a result of healthy living. She sought breast augmentation in Orange County to help restore breast volume and improve her breast shape to better complement her silhouette. On examination, her breasts were not only of different volumes, but her ribs were sloped differently on one side versus the other. Therefore, to help improve her breast symmetry, implants of different sizes and also projections were used to help get her more beautiful cleavage. Give that she is young, we wanted to give her results that would last. Our incision choice of the inframammary crease was used to give us 1) the best pocket control and 2) to also minimize the incidence of future capsular contracture when used with a dual plane approach --> both of these elements are key for longevity. As for implant choice, we wanted a silicone gel that would be form stable, have a stronger gel-shell interface, and minimize the chance of future rupture or deformation, and yet provide a natural feel. In this patient, we used Sientra implants with the 5th generation of silicone gel that is part of the gummy bear family. Due to her asymmetries, we used a 330cc High Profile Implant on her right side (since that breast was smaller and also the ribs were flatter on that side) and a 305cc Moderate Plus Profile Implant on her left side (since that breast was already larger and the ribs were more prominent, giving more projection).


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