Orange County Housewife had Mommy Makeover in Newport Beach to get Bikini Ready

Procedure Details

This mother of 3 children was in stellar physical form. She worked out 5 days a week and was careful with her diet. She stated that she would like to re-establish her pre-pregnancy form with a more youthful silhouette and enhanced beauty . She was most bothered by her silhouette from the side view: she felt that her breasts sat too low and looked "matronly" and that her abdomen had a "bulge." On physical examination she was noted to have very little loose skin and also an umbilical hernia. This patient desired a very natural look, and was willing to accept extra scars to optimize her form in bathing suits and tight clothing. She had a decent amount of breast tissue and I told her that we could achieve a rounder, yet more natural look without implants by performing a breast lift alone. In addition, this mastopexy not only moved her breasts from the abdomen back to where they belonged on her chest, but we were able to reposition her nipples to a better location on her breast mounds and also improve the aesthetics of the areolas by reducing their sizes. With the abdominoplasty, we were able to fix her umbilical hernia at the same time as her rectus plication to help alleviate her bulge. We also kept her belly button shape as an "innie." On the frontal view, the slimming of her waistline can be seen at the level of the umbilicus. On the side view, her abdominal bulge and muscle separation have been corrected and her breasts are now rounder, perkier, and sit higher.


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