Our Virtual Consultations 3D Simulation


So for the purposes of this video, I have to already have done the simulation, even though in person I'd be going over your anatomy, your measurements, and showing you each step. In this situation here I had to use a bathing suit to cover the breasts, so that I wouldn't get in trouble with Instagram for showing the nipples. So, on the screen right is the after, when I've included high-profile silicone gel gummy implants that are 485 cc's and a full breast lift. And on the left, you can see what the patient looked like before. And, I can show you different views. And obviously it looks even better without the bathing suit on. But, I can show you the top-down view. And I can make adjustments. We can add volume, we can make the lift more aggressive, and so forth, But I think you get the point. So, please contact us to do your 3D simulation today.