Breast Implant Revisions with Dr. Sean Kelishadi, MD

Dr. Sean Kelishadi, MD Q&A


Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Sean Kelishadi from Newport Beach, California. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon and I've been asked to speak about breast revision surgery. Many women have had breast augmentation or other types of breast aesthetic surgeries. As we age, our tissues may thin or implants may move somewhere we don't want, or we've had pregnancy and we've had enlargement of the breasts and deflation. Either way, if you're looking to change out the size of your implants, or you've noticed that your implants are somewhere they weren't before, or if you've had a dreaded complication like a capsular contracture where the scar tissue hardens, there's lots of different things that can be done to help you. But you want to make sure you see someone with expertise in advanced aesthetic breast surgery techniques. 

For more information, feel free to look at my profile or visit a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck to you.