Dr Sean Kelishadi MFMB TV Feature

Dr. Sean Kelishadi | SSK Plastic Surgery | Modern Face of Beauty TV Feature


Stephen Handisides: What do Californian women do differently? Is it the sun? The water they drink? Or is it their surgeon?

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: I think it varies, and I think some of it has to do with the marketing that people are getting but in general because people here are so fit, they naturally look very beautiful and it helps us as plastic surgeons to do the right thing. The studies have shown that 1 out 5 women are thinking about their breast size every day. I think that it's really important to people and it's amazing how much their morale and just their self-esteem changes with it.

Stephen Handisides: In Newport Beach compared to other places in Orange County, so would you see more of those at home mothers that want to have that transformation after having kids?

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: So, Newport Beach is, I think man's idea of perfection. The people here are really into their fitness and they're very highly motivated, a lot of people are very successful and everyone wants to be fit. And for the women, it's really important because they want to look good but they also want to be a good wife, mother and so forth. So they do pay attention a lot to how they look and you can't tell that most of these women have had children or that they're at home and so forth. So I think it is really big but the nice thing is, the work that's done is so nice, you can't tell who's had surgery or not.

Stephen Handisides: So just steps, if people are interested in having ... Women are interested in having breast surgery, what are the things that they really need to consider before actually going under the "knife" as we call it.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: For breast surgery, I think the most important thing is they have to want it. I've had people who've come to me for example, they say, "Oh, my friend got her breasts done, I want mine done," or their husband was looking at a TV show and he smiled really big when he saw nice cleavage. And I don't think those are good reasons.

Stephen Handisides: That's terrible.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: It really is.

Stephen Handisides: Terrible. Yeah.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: I think people are just so hard on themselves. We all have a certain level of beauty imperfection that we're born with but if it's something where gosh, I work out all the time I've lost breast volume. Pushups and doing bench press isn't gonna make your breast round, it's just gonna make your peck really tight. So in those people, they're not gonna grow breast tissue if they've already passed puberty, so they're going to need an implant most likely to make their breast have a little bit more roundness or upper pull fullness as we call it.