Modern Face of Beauty | Breast Buster #1

Dr. Sean Kelishadi | SSK Plastic Surgery | Modern Face of Beauty TV Feature | Breast Buster #1


Stephen Handisides: There are still a lot of myths around breast implants, and I decided to wait for the doctor, until the end of the day to bust some of them whilst I was treating him to a traditional Kiwi barbecue. 

Doc, you're finally here. You ready for a Kiwi barbecue?

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: Absolutely, man. 

Stephen Handisides: Oh, you got the steaks. 

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: I do. 

Stephen Handisides: Excellent. 

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: I got some USDA grade beef here. 

Stephen Handisides: Excellent. 

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: Hand selected. Oh man, what is it?

Stephen Handisides: It's funny looking steak. You got to be kidding. 

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: I think I brought the wrong bag. 

Stephen Handisides: Oh no.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: I brought implants with me instead of the steaks. I think the steaks are at the hospital. 

Stephen Handisides: Okay, I've got an idea.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: Okay.

Stephen Handisides: So, I've been really well known to do these myth busters, in particular the one where I jumped out of a plane wearing breast implants to show they don't explode in high altitude. So, it's gotta be something else about implants. Now, I think one of the ones we always get asked, big question that women always ask is, is the silicon going to rupture when it's, you know, inside?

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: In today's world it's really hard to rupture an implant, 'cause as you can see the gel shell interface is really strong, and the new silicon implants are highly cohesive, which means that even when you squeeze them really hard they don't pop.

Stephen Handisides: I just, I just don't believe that. I don't think the viewers believe that either. Do you? I mean, so-

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: Well, why don't you just cut one? Here, this is one of my favorite knives. There you go.

Stephen Handisides: That ain't a knife, mate.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: All right. 

Stephen Handisides: This is a knife.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: There you go. 

As you can see, the gel is highly cohesive, doesn't want to leave itself, so when you pull your knife out see how the gel sticks to itself? So, it's pretty hard to rupture these. Look at that. So it's not going spill throughout the body. Now squeeze it, but don't let it touch your hands 'cause they get slimy. But see, and then you let it go and it goes back. That's what highly cohesive gel does, you guys. That's why it's so safe.

Stephen Handisides: Very cool.