Modern Face of Beauty | Breast Buster #2

Dr. Sean Kelishadi | SSK Plastic Surgery | Modern Face of Beauty TV Feature | Breast Buster #2


Stephen Handisides: Now, it's time for our breast buster of the week over a traditional Kiwi barbecue. 

Obviously, we're in a very hot environment. Do the implants change shape when someone's sunbathing or when we're in sort of intense heat?

Dr.  Sean Kelishadi: It shouldn't because silicone is an inert substance like I said before. These implants are formed stable so they should maintain their shape, but really the sun outside even if it hits your skin and makes you hot, that's not really what's going to heat up the implant. It's the core body temperature. 

Stephen Handisides: Why don't we ... Since we're here, we're going to have a Kiwi barbie somehow, Kiwi barbecue. Why don't we check on the barbie and find out? Do you know what's going to happen?

Dr.  Sean Kelishadi: I actually don't, so I'll stand back. 

Stephen Handisides: Okay. The temperature says very hot. Let's see what's going to happen. Okay. Is it changing shape or form at all?

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: Maybe, the shell will melt a little bit, but the silicon should stay the same. 

Stephen Handisides: Great. That is a piping hot ...

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: It is hot.

Stephen Handisides: ... Grill. 

Dr. Sean Kelishadi: Yeah. 

Stephen Handisides: Pour a little bit of water there. Now, I'm going to pick this up, no burn, no change in form, nothing.