...You won't age? I promise you this -- your hands will go shiny and transparent and at the slightest bruise they'll bleed...
John Geddes

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Throughout life many experiences, emotions, hormonal eruptions, habits, diseases, and aging can dramatically affect the appearance of skin for women and men alike. Fortunately, effective choices can lessen the visible effects of aging and blemishing to restore an aesthetic image.

The Problem

Furrows and creases can form in your face from years of frowning, concentrating, squinting, smoking, or expressing everyday emotions. Smoking adversely affects the skin overall, especially in pursed lines around the mouth. Whatever your cause of visible aging, over time, your skin loses elasticity—it won’t bounce back to its original fullness and smoothness, leaving behind permanent lines and creases, even when your face is calm and your muscles aren’t moving. Skin tone and texture--especially of the face, neck, and hands--can be improved with remedies that produce tightening, filling, smoothing, or a combination.

Our Nonsurgical Solutions:

Neurotoxins and Fillers in Orange County

Picture this: You’re watching a lake at dusk. The boats are docked and the wind is quiet, so the surface of the water--its face or complexion--is calm and smooth, a mirror reflecting the setting sun. Would you like your complexion to look calm and smooth?

Although we can’t erase the habits, emotions, or other damage that created the crevices in your skin, our neurotoxins and fillers (both biologic and synthetic are available) can be a part of your treatment regimen to fill and significantly diminish the varying degrees of lines, wrinkles, and folds on your face. Safe, strategically-placed injection treatments are quick, usually without pain or side effects. An occasional patient experiences a little short-term tenderness, redness, bruising, or swelling that can be aided by a cold pack. Patients normally return immediately to their regular activities.

As your Orange County cosmetic surgeon, I hope to improve the look of your skin via injections of fillers in your face and also your hands. The addition of neurotoxin to the face and neck area is a useful adjunct to diminish lines and bands seen when making active facial expressions--helping us to keep you looking younger.

  • Botox Cosmetic® and Dysport® neurotoxins block the nerves from activating the muscles that cause undesirable wrinkles during facial expressions; our knowledge of anatomy allows us to target those offending muscles while avoiding, and thus preserving, those muscles that help to keep you looking young and normal. Full results usually show in about a week and last several months.
  • Certain fillers like Botox or Dysport can help to replace lost collagen and to “volumize” areas such as cheeks and hands that have lost fullness; they also can be used to enhance lips or, in some cases, to promote your body’s production of its own collagen. The result can be a rejuvenated look that normally lasts from months to a couple of years (based on the area and product(s) used). We are all unique in how we age and where we are most affected. Depending on your degree of damage, you may need more than one treatment and/or regular maintenance to furnish the most benefit.

Our goal is to restore a result that is more youthful yet so “natural appearing” that others won’t know you had anything done--they’ll just say you look refreshed and younger!


Before your Botox or Dysport or any other procedure in our Orange County Botox office, we will discuss your needs and set reasonable expectations to enhance your natural features. With extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, we strive to achieve the aesthetic result you desire with your utmost safety in mind.

At SSK Plastic Surgery, my team and I are here to listen, personalize a treatment plan with you, and then share in your satisfaction as a member of our extended family of patients. Feel free to call us at (949) 515-SURG to schedule a comfortable, discrete consultation.