Safe and Convenient Options Inspired by COVID-19: 3D Simulation Virtual Consultations


So why is this all good news? We found a way to interact with our patients and comply with social distancing laws. We were able to employ 3D simulation as part of your consultation. The long story short is what makes me so excited about being able to offer state of the art virtual consultations, which I think we offer a second to non-experience, main benefit is I've got patients that travel from all over the world to see me. I've got over 80% of my patients are single moms and to ask people to leave their home, drive through traffic, to try to find a babysitter, take time off from work and to have to come see me and spend money on gasoline, and so forth, we have now found a more convenient way to get our point across and save our patients time and money.

So I'm really excited to do this because everything I do is about being cutting edge and providing my patients with the best care and giving them the best value for their money. Thank you and I hope you're as excited as I am to do 3D simulation with us. So don't forget, you can click on the link along my link tree in my profile under 3D simulation. And pretty soon on our website, we'll have a link on our virtual consultation form. But you can always direct message me or call the office at 949-515-7874. You can also text that number and my staff and I are happy to help you get started. Have a great day.