Nose Surgery

A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose.
Tom Wilson

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Most people have an average-size, straight nose that sits and breathes correctly on an average-looking face that shows a balance of features. Think Jennifer Garner or Ben Affleck. Those folks are more fortunate than a minority of the U.S. population.        

The Problem

Is your nose the first and last thing some folks seem to see on your face? Do you think it should be larger or smaller, straightened, narrowed or widened, smoothed, or otherwise reshaped to fit your face for an appealing profile? If your nose is unbalanced in size or shape against your other facial features, whether congenitally or accidentally, it may be keeping others from realizing the attractiveness of your eyes or your smile. You want your features to harmonize and show the best you. Your aesthetic concerns may have underlying functional problems that affect your breathing.

Our Solution: Nose Job or Rhinoplasty in Orange County

We’d like to decide with you which techniques meet your needs and preferences. What is Rhinoplasty exactly? Let's address a few details; Rhinoplasty (not paid by insurance) modifies the size or shape; septoplasty (possibly paid by insurance) corrects a disruption to your breathing—both with you under general anesthesia, normally as an outpatient. Our strategy is to try to achieve your desirable outcome without a noticeable scar. 

Most of the structures shaping the nose can be approached via small incisions inside the nose, which are not seen; in certain cases, a tiny incision at the thinnest portion of the columella (the skin between nose and mouth) is made to help better visualize nasal tip structures when needed. If we need extra cartilage while reshaping the nose, we will take it from your nasal septum, ear, or, in rare cases, rib. Your Orange County Rhinoplasty could be a good time to add another procedure, such as chin augmentation to balance your proportions. During Rhinoplasty, autologous fat or synthetic fillers could be used to augment this area and others nearby of concern, such as the lips.

Patients usually are under general anesthesia as outpatients.

We carefully confine most incisions to the inside of the nose whenever we can and hide external incisions as well as possible. Bruising and swelling, maybe only beneath the eyes, are normal for such a delicate area of the face. A light splint on your nose for a week will maintain the intended shape and minimize swelling, but there will NOT be any dressings inside your nose.

Meanwhile, if I, as your Orange County Rhinoplasty Surgeon, placed sutures, I will remove them on Day 4. Many patients return to school and/or unstrenuous aspects of their jobs in 1 to 2 weeks while the bruising and swelling dissipate. You may return to strenuous activities in several weeks. You will see the final result of your nose job surgery in 6 to 12 months. Curious about options for Rhinoplasty? We’ll gladly answer your questions. 

The plan that you and I work together to achieve will produce a modified nose that now looks natural and normal for your gender, background, and age when you visit our Orange County Rhinoplasty Surgery Office. You should feel pleased and confident with an improved nose that helps to balance your facial anatomy.

To address further concerns, call our office at (949) 515-SURG, or write to us through our Contact page. Feel free to come to our office located in Orange County CA to discuss your Rhinoplasty or Nose Job needs. We’re here to help and looking forward to meeting you!