Breast Reduction

When your Breasts are huge, you become very self-conscious...I've learned something though, through my years of pondering and pontificating, and that is: Men love them, and I love that.”
Drew Barrymore

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The Problem

Few people know the discomforts experienced by women who have overly large symptomatic breasts (macromastia). Symptoms and adverse effects often include the following:

  • Physical:  The excess weight causes grooving where bra straps attempt to cut into the shoulders, a sign of the potential strain on the neck and/or back; irritating rashes within the bra line where hygiene is more difficult to manage due to overhanging breasts; incorrect posture; musculoskeletal problems; restriction of mobility and ability to exercise (leads to weight gain and greater risk for cardiac, diabetic, and other diseases)
  • Emotional:  Embarrassment; self-consciousness; lower self-esteem; depression from decreased participation in favorite activities and subsequent decline of quality of life.

Our Solution: Breast Reduction

I’m pleased that, as a cosmetic, reconstructive, and Breast Reduction Surgeon in Orange County, I can take the correct steps to help in rendering a better quality of life for you. This functional problem and the solution of Breast Reduction Surgery in Yorba Linda, and Orange County areas may qualify for health-insurance coverage; my staff will check on this for you. You and I will agree on a custom-tailored procedure that usually corrects the size of stretched-out areolas (the pigmented portion of breast around the nipple), and repositions the nipples from pointing in a downward position to one where they are more elevated and forward.

To achieve your goal, I can strategically reduce breast size and weight by removing excess skin, fat, and glandular tissues; liposuction may also be needed to improve the final contour of the breast and its relation to the chest wall and axilla. For many, this procedure provides significant improvement in the functional problems mentioned above; as a bonus, your breasts will also have improved shape and a more-youthful, elevated position. Using the techniques you and I agree on, I will do my utmost to minimize and camouflage scarring.

If you have symtomatic macromastia, the potential benefits of breast reduction surgery in Orange County are:

  • attractively lifted and shaped breasts
  • significantly enhanced mobility and thus ability to exercise, with subsequent potential improvements in overall health
  • potentially improved posture from unloading excessive breast weight
  • having breasts that are “more proportional” to your body habitus and enhancing your self-image, which should dramatically improve your confidence and quality of life
  • elimination or reduction of pain and other symptoms due to macromastia (pain should fade from related causes or could be from unrelated causes such as arthritis)
  • joining a high percentage of patients who are the happiest and most relieved.

As your Orange County plastic surgeon, I can perform your breast reduction surgery in Yorba Linda with a breast lift as part of a bikini makeover with body contouring to achieve a complete and balanced appearance of aesthetic improvement.

Depending on co-morbidities, distance from the hospital, and extent of procedure planned, most breast reductions are scheduled as outpatient or a 23-hour hospital stay. After surgery, you will recover in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and your post-operative care instructions that we discussed prior to surgery will be reviewed again prior to your going home. We use simple dressings that are easy to take care of and comfortable support garments. When you are well enough for your driver to take you home, we intend you to have little to worry about so that you can start to enjoy the naturally elevated, youthful, and forward-looking results to your breasts. Oral pain relievers should keep you comfortable. You should be able to shower the next day.

We will schedule to see you back no later than a week after surgery for your first follow-up appointment in my office. We will continue to monitor your progress at regular intervals and make sure your healing is going as planned. Most of your sutures are dissolvable and working on the inside, helping to support your closure over a period of 2-6 months; to seal the skin edges we use either skin glue or ster-strips (fine skin tape applied over incisions), and these usually fall off on their own. You may do light activities in 7-10 days but should avoid sports and other strenuous activities, including lifting over 10 pounds, for 4 weeks. You should notice the weight off your shoulders and improved contour and shape to your breasts. It would be our privilege to help you obtain an improved lifestyle of participating in everyday and special activities freely and with less discomfort.

If you want to know the options for your breast reduction, we have many offers and details for your personalized breast reduction recovery, I hope you’ll seek the unparalleled compassion and care my team and I offer. Feel free to schedule an appointment for a thorough consultation so that we can evaluate your concerns and review the breast reduction cost.