Breast Reconstruction

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The Problem

You may need or desire Breast Reconstruction after breast cancer surgery (mastectomy), or another deformity of your chest, in order to look more proportionate and better in your clothes, to feel complete and more feminine, and, as a direct result, more confident.

Our Solution: Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Orange County

More than 100,000 women undergo breast reconstruction surgery each year, which often is covered by health insurance.  Because I trained in general surgery and am now a reconstructive and plastic surgeon in Orange County, I can integrate seamlessly into your oncoplastic team to reconstruct a breast during or after mastectomy for breast cancer. My skill and attention in this procedure will be personalized to your special circumstances.

Reconstructive breast surgery options vary from those that are implant-based versus using your own, autologous tissue brought in utilizing a reliable blood supply that is local (local flaps) versus distant tissue (free-flap reconstruction with microsurgery to connect its feeding blood vessels to available local blood supply).

Do not stress yourself over the details of your reconstructive options because the procedures we can choose from are multifactorial and are influenced by your lifestyle, wishes, and oncologic treatment plan.

During your consultation, we will spend a significant amount of time getting to know you and your situation; then we will devise the reconstructive plan that best suits your needs.

  • If implant-based reconstruction is chosen, we employ proven techniques and strategies in conjunction with the latest and greatest breast implants choices available to provide you the results that feel the best and look most natural and symmetrical.
  • If your own tissue is used as the foundation of “autologous” breast reconstruction, we usually use the abdomen, buttock, or back as the donor. This is a complex algorithm that is best discussed in person during consultation while comparing your other options.
  • Fat grafting has also become a useful adjunct in our armamentarium to help improve contour and better achieve symmetry.  

After we have decided your personalized reconstructive plan, we will then be able to better explain details such as post-operative recovery time, anticipated length of hosptial stay (if needed), your activity restrictions, etc.  We try to use simple dressings that are easy to take care of and comfortable support garments. We will also do our best to help maximize your comfort after surgery by using a strategy combining oral pain medications and muscle relaxers; they have different functions and may work synergistically when combined for many breast reconstructions in Orange County. We will schedule your first appointment usually a week after surgery and then at regular intervals to ensure optimal healing and timely progress.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatment can be devastating, but you can count on me as your Orange County Breast Reconstruction Surgeon to help make you “feel whole again” while producing natural-looking and symmetrical aesthetic results. I would be honored to have earned your trust and your approval in compassionate care. For more detailed information, please visit us for a thorough consultation to discuss the risks and benefits of procedures for which you may be a candidate.