Tummy Tuck

Over the years your bodies become walking autobiographies, telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of your lives.
Marilyn Ferguson

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The body is affected by many factors and stressors that influence its internal and external functions and appearance--from emotional and hormonal changes to diet, lifestyle, and weight fluctuations. Especially in middle age, the body can struggle to adjust and recover.

The Problem

Pregnancy, major weight loss, or other causes such as prior major abdominal surgery may have weakened abdominal muscles and left too much fat and/or loose skin; this problem can make your tummy protrude and your clothes difficult to fit. Excessively stretched muscles and skin can be stubborn and don’t return to their original positions, despite a healthful diet and exercise. Frustration and despair can set in for women and men alike. What are your options to reduce and tone your midsection and maybe other areas, too?

Our Solution: Orange County Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) in Orange County

What is involved in the tummy tuck procedure?

  • You should arrange to be off work for 1-2 weeks, for someone to help you with self-care and household needs for at least that time, for 2-3 weeks of basic recovery, and for about 6-8 weeks for full healing.
  • The treatment range may involve your needing a mini-tummy tuck in Orange County (only the lower abdomen) or could span the area from beneath the lower ribcage to the pubic bone. Much of this is often part of what we call a bikini makeover, which also includes lift or augmentation to the breasts.
  • In addition, a full body lift is available to correct widespread areas of fat and loose, sagging skin that have accumulated.
  • Whenever possible, incisions are placed in unseen areas, such as in your bikini line; a small incision may also be made around your belly button.
  • In conjunction with abdominoplasty, where loose muscle is tightened and excess skin is excised, liposuction is a useful adjunct for many to help in maximizing the effects of surgery to give a better contour. After lax muscles are repaired and tightened, excessively stretched and loose skin is cut away, sutured, and smoothed.

Your tummy tuck procedure in Orange County can be outpatient or inpatient overnight, under general anesthesia. As your Orange County Tummy Tuck Surgeon, I have several strategies to minimize your pain and maximize your comfort. These include using a pain pump that delivers a controlled dose of a local anesthetic to the surgical area; there are also new liposomal formulations that release local anesthetic to the area where they are injected in a controlled fashion over several days so that a pump does not have to be used.

In conjunction with over-the-counter and prescription pain medications (if needed), we have many tools in our armamentarium to provide you a comfortable experience. Your activity level will progress based on your motivation, amount of soreness, and involvement of the surgical procedure or procedures you had done. After the first few weeks you may be ready to do light activities. For up to the anticipated 6-8 weeks of full healing, you would be wise to avoid activities that involve strain (such as pushing and pulling, which includes running the sweeper), sudden movements, and heavy lifting (over 10 pounds) in order to keep your repairs intact.

After your recovery, you can look and feel trimmer, toned, and sexy. You should fit better in your clothes, maybe in a smaller size, and see fewer stretch marks. The sky’s the limit on your confidence! We encourage a healthful diet and an exercise program to maintain your investment in yourself and the attractive results you’ve just achieved.

What is the cost of an orange county tummy tuck?

What will your personal recovery entail? Please call our office at (949) 515-SURG to consult with me for tailored information about tummy tuck in Orange County. We’ll discuss your needs and your health history. We’ll answer all of your questions and set realistic expectations for your experience with me as your Orange County plastic surgeon. Fall in love with your tummy tuck before and after when you book with us today. 

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